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Linda Benedetto - September 18, 2017

I am looking for the bell that goes on the front of a Fire Dept N.288 fire truck
►reply: Some people sell pedal car bells but don't know to which original car it belonged. So if you search for: pedal car bell on this site you might find one...

Don - July 20, 2017

Restoring my dtr's Murray tricycle from ~1975 as a memento. Need pedals. They were simple plastic ones that slide onto rod and secured with one-way clip. Any suggestions?I will resort to making with wood if necessary but prefer matching better.
►reply: You can try to find parts on eBay: Murray tricycle parts or take a look at this site for parts.

Glenn - September 29, 2016

looking for front forks for atomic missile also left side chain guard
►reply: You can try and find an old one for spart parts or try this parts website.

Riccardo Gueli - June 2, 2012

I am restoring a Murray dump trac. I need the dump lever assembly, tailgate, green paint, decals and the fiber seat. Can you help me locate these parts?
►reply: It is always difficult to find parts of old pedal cars, but I found this website on Murray parts & restoration.