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Murray Ohio Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1910 by J. W. Murray in Detroit. After 1919 production continued at a new site in Cleveland. By 1923, Murray was making toy cars using the same steel and manufacturing methods, used to produce (full-size) parts for cars.

Before the 2nd World War, Murray used the name Steelcraft Wheel Goods to market their toys. It wasn't until after the WW2 that they started to use the name Murray.

See also Steelcraft.


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Comments (27)
John - November 5, 2021
I am looking for a tailgate for a 1951 Murray Sad Face Station Wagon. Only thing I find is a Dump body tailgate which I' think is different. Also I am looking to replace all the drive and steering bushings.
Not sure, maybe here: Murray Sad Face tailgate.
Ray - May 17, 2021
Good evening,

Great site; I am in need of a tailgate for a Murray Radar Patrol Pedel three wheel car.

Would you happen to know where I could find one for sale? I have been looking like a madman.

Thank you.

Mark - May 4, 2021
I have a Murray Trac from when I was a kid and was thinking about trying to restore it. I think I found some decals for it, but I was wondering if anyone knew the actual paint color of the red that was originally used and if it was still even available. I can’t seem to find how to attach a pic of it, but I believe it’s around a 1954 version.
No idea, sorry... you could have a look here for some pics: Murray Trac.
Tj - February 4, 2021
Are these the correct tires. if not what size and style do I need? Thank You
Yes, these are originals.
Brian - February 3, 2021
I am refurbishing a 1960's ('67 best guess) Murray 2 ton pedal tractor. I'd like to purchase new rear and front wheels, rear axle bearings, seat, pedal sprocket combination, and new pedals. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day.
Hi Brian, nice project you got there! Unfortunately, I don't sell parts, but you could try here or maybe try some collectors groups on Facebook: Murray Pedal Tractor
Isabel - January 14, 2021
I am looking for Murray Champion Dip Side Fre Truck Pedal car ladder racks. Or if you can direct me to a site that may have them.
It's always difficult to find parts... Have a look here, maybe you can find some: Murray ladders.
Bob - December 3, 2020
I have a Murray Sad Face Fire Engine pedal car that I'd like to restore. The left front wheel has fallen off. How do I reattach it? It has a solid hubcap, and I don't see how I can possibly remount it without prying the hubcap off. Help!
Sorry, I'm not an expert on repairing pedal cars. However, there are some Facebook groups with dedicated collectors, maybe try them as well.
John - October 5, 2020
I’m after some parts for these cars can any one help thanks
What a beauty! There are also some Facebook groups, specialized in pedal car parts, you might want to check them out as well.
Darrell - July 21, 2020
Do you sell tires for tricycles ?
No sorry, I don't sell parts... Maybe try this page: Murray tires.
Mike - July 10, 2020
I’m looking to restore a Murray Ball Bearing wagon. Do you know where I can find restoration parts and decals?
Berh - July 7, 2020
I am looking for the ladder racks for a Murray Western Flyer 1960 something fire truck pedal car. Have looked every where for them. Trying to restore the fire truck I got for my 4th birthday in 1968. Pedal car. Com doesn’t have them.
Mike - July 2, 2020
I have a Murray wagon from the 1950s that’s in very good condition, but I need to replace the tires. I have the tires which are semi pneumatic. I know that they have to be heated and then stretched to be applied. How long and what temperature should I microwave a tire before trying to apply it?Thank youMikeOregon
James - June 22, 2020
I am looking for the decal set for a 1950's Murray Country Squire. Also for the rear tailgate for that pedal car.
Tom - May 26, 2020
Do you carry any Murray 2 ton diesel pedal tractor rims and tires?
Hi there! I don't have any parts, but you could have a look here: Murray Pedal Tractor.
Joseph - May 21, 2020
looking for a dude wagon
Also have a look here: Murray Dude Wagons and ask around on the Facebook groups for pedal cars.
Dennis - April 14, 2020
I have I have a org dip side suburban I may sell it , rusty but all there , there may have been a tail gate and two round chrome things behind the hood ornament one wheel is toast but I would replace all of them. Offer $?
There are also some excellent Facebook groups where you can offer your Murray, for example this Pedal Car group.
Ron - March 5, 2020
looking for a tire on a trke 1.75 x 13
Also check out this page: Murray tires.
David - January 27, 2020
I need the back axel cover do you have one
I don't sell parts, sorry. There are some links to part shops in the other comments below.
Marcelo - January 20, 2020
I am looking for the ladder racks of a Murray V Front Fire Chief car. Someone could help me????
You can look here for parts (although they are difficult to find!): Murray Fire Chief. If you Google Murray Pedal Car Parts, maybe you'll find some online shops.
Bill - September 3, 2019
I'm in need for a Murray sad face wagon wind shield. Does not need to be chrome. Thanks
Also have a look on this page: Murray windshields.
Ed - May 5, 2019
I am repairing what I think is a 1955 murray sad face fire truck. I was wondering if u know the size of the wheels that came with the truck and is there any place in canada I can purchase them. Thank u in advance Ed
No idea Ed, sorry. You could look at some pics to get an idea, see: Murray Sad Face or ask speedwaymotors, also if they know anyone in Canada. Fortunately, most part sellers also ship to CA.
Miguel - December 17, 2018
some one must know where I can find this stencil
Hi, looking for decals? Look here: Murray decals or Murray 91801077.
Cindy - March 13, 2018
I need help with the steering linkage for an airplane. I only have the rod connected to the back tire. Can someone help me with the linkage set up?
Linda - September 18, 2017
I am looking for the bell that goes on the front of a Fire Dept N.288 fire truck
Some people sell pedal car bells but don't know to which original car it belonged. So if you search for: pedal car bell on this site you might find one...
Don - July 20, 2017
Restoring my dtr's Murray tricycle from ~1975 as a memento. Need pedals. They were simple plastic ones that slide onto rod and secured with one-way clip. Any suggestions?I will resort to making with wood if necessary but prefer matching better.
You can try to find parts on eBay: Murray tricycle parts or take a look at this site for parts.
Glenn - September 29, 2016
looking for front forks for atomic missile also left side chain guard
You can try and find an old one for spare parts.
Riccardo - June 2, 2012
I am restoring a Murray dump trac. I need the dump lever assembly, tailgate, green paint, decals and the fiber seat. Can you help me locate these parts?
It is always difficult to find parts of old pedal cars, but I found this website on Murray parts.