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Muky was made by Induguay S.A. "Fabrica de Juguetes Muky". Established by the DeConti brothers, the company was located in the city of Gualeguay, in Entre Rios province, 145 miles north of Buenos Aires (Frasinetti No date).

Virtually all of the models made by Muky were copies of early Mattel Hot Wheels like the Custom Corvette, the Lola T70, the Custom Eldorado, or the Dodge Deora. Thus the company is often called the "Hot Wheels of Argentina" (Weber and Sahakangas website). Muky were not as popular as the country's Buby toys, which made Argentine Ramblers and other vehicles that may have been more familiar to children there (Sinclair 1976).

n the late 1970s, because of the worsening economic environment in Argentina, the DeConti brothers moved to Brazil and began manufacturing toys there called Super veloz. In 1984 or 1985, one Dell Arciprete bought Muky, and using most of the same dies, again began making Mukys (Frasinetti No date). Arciprete's Muky also added a few new vehicles. The Arciprete family ran a fumigation business at the same time as Muky (Frasinetti No date).

The later Mukys were numbered from eight to 40, numbers one through eight having been lost along the line somewhere. Also, these later models' chassis were cast in plastic and Mukys were distributed to Uruguay and Spain, besides the patria Argentina (Frasinetti No date).

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