George Lerner of N.Y. City invented (and patented) Mr. Potato Head in 1952. Based on an earlier toy called 'make a face' that used a real potato, Lerner designed his all-plastic toy as a prize for cereal premiums. Lerner sold Mr. Potato Head to the Hassenfeld Brothers of Rhode Island, who owned Hasbro Inc, the toy company. Hasbro sold the first Mr. Potato Head with a styrofoam head as a base for the facial plug-ins. However, instructions were included that suggested the use of vegetables and fruits instead of the styrofoam.

In 1966, Mr Potato Head acquired a new addition with Jumping Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on television and in 1985, it received four write-in votes in the mayoral election in Boise, Idaho. Today, Hasbro, Inc. still manufactures Mr. Potato Head.

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Brenda - February 7, 2019

What are they (potato heads) worth
►reply: Usually they are sold in lots for around 10-40 USD. Check eBay for prices.