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Along with Revell, AMT, and MPC, Monogram is sometimes called one of the traditional "Big 4" in plastic modeling.

The firm has been a premier maker of scale plastic models of aircraft, spacecraft, ships, cars, and military vehicles since the early 1950s and was formed by two former employees of Comet Kits. After thirteen years as a fully owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards' Binney and Smith unit, Hobbico announced it was acquiring Revell-Monogram in 2007.

Founded in Chicago in 1945, the firm first made balsa wood model kits of ships and airplanes. Seaships such as the USS Missouri battleship, the USS Shangri-La carrier and the USS Hobby destroyer were among the very first products. Meanwhile, a company called Revell started making plastic kits in 1953, and Monogram responded with "All Plastic" "Plastikits" the first of which were a red plastic midget racer and a "Hot Rod" Model A. These two cars, and later an Indianapolis-style racer and hydroplane racing boat, were also offered with C02 "Jet Power". Early kits advertised that the models were made from "acetate parts molded to shape".

As the 1960s progressed, Monogram and Revell squared off as rivals in the scale model market. While companies like AMT and MPC focused almost exclusively on cars, Monogram and Revell were more diversified, offering aircraft, naval craft and other military vehicles.

When the company was bought by Mattel in 1968, custom vehicles designed by Daniel and others were seen in both small and large sizes in Hot Wheels diecast - and then in Monogram kit form. Examples seen in both Hot Wheels and Monogram venues were the Ice-T, the Red Baron, the Paddy Wagon, the S'cool Bus, the Sand Crab, and the T'rantula.

Source and more history: Monogram history.

Updated: 14 April 2020

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Monogram value and price guide

What's your Monogram P51 worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
monogram phantom p 51d mustang transparent working 1 32 Monogram Phantom P 51d Mustang Transparent Working 1 32 08/2021 $159.99
monogram 1 32 phantom mustang p 51 motorized 50th Monogram 1 32 Phantom Mustang P 51 Motorized 50th 10/2021 $124.99
monogram 1 32 scale phantom clear mustang p51 d model Monogram 1 32 Scale Phantom Clear Mustang P51 D Model 08/2021 $100.00
monogram phantom p 51d mustang transparent working 1 32 Monogram Phantom P 51d Mustang Transparent Working 1 32 09/2021 $90.00
monogram phantom mustang model kit p 51d 1995 1 32 Monogram Phantom Mustang Model Kit P 51d 1995 1 32 10/2021 $40.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

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Comments (2)
Paul - July 13, 2021
I need parts for all the 1/8 scale monogram built in the 60's the Jags and all the Big Deuce, Big T's Big Drags, Big Rods, Big Tubs
John - April 14, 2020
I have the Phantom P-51 Mustang, 1/32-scale, I believe it to be 1995 issue, 50th Anniversary, 1 of 500, never opened, still sealed in original plastic. Stored in sealed plastic box in our basement. Never exposed to heat or cold. How do I sell this model?
You could try eBay or maybe there are some dedicated Facebook collectors pages where you can put it up for sale.