Minitrix model railway N gauge

N gauge/n scale models under the Minitrix brand were made from the late 1960s mostly of European prototypes (German and British primarily). North American prototypes were also manufactured and marketed under the Aurora "Postage Stamp" brand; later these items were sold under the American Tortoise, Model Power and Con-Cor brands. Trix sometimes utilized North American consultants to aid in the design of this portion of the product line. The "Hornby Minitrix' brand was used in the 1980s for a short lived range of British outline models using the earlier product tooling.

Trix's owner in the 1980s and 1990s was Mangold, which went bankrupt in the late 1990s and Märklin purchased the assets in January of 1997. In part, this purchase was a reflection of Märklin's need for added production capacity; Trix had been manufacturing certain items for Märklin in previous years. But the purchase was also in response to the earlier purchase of the Karl Arnold company by the Italian company Rivarossi. In 2003, Märklin introduced its first N gauge models under the Minitrix brand. Several Märklin HO scale three-rail AC locomotives have also been introduced in two-rail DC versions under the Trix logo.

The Minitrix brand is very popular in the USA.

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Minitrix value and price guide

What's your Minitrix worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

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minitrix n scale passenger car santa fe 3 3152 cars 1 Minitrix N Scale Passenger Car Santa Fe 3 3152 Cars 1 09/2021 $40.95
minitrix of 6 cars used in good condition n scale Minitrix Of 6 Cars Used In Good Condition N Scale 09/2021 $15.00
minitrix n fm diesel locomotive shell penn central 8303 Minitrix N Fm Diesel Locomotive Shell Penn Central 8303 09/2021 $7.99
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Comments (5)
Mike - June 11, 2013
Hi how many profi-club freight cars are there?.I have 1-10 i know there is 11,12,and 13, but were there any before 2001.Thank you Mike.
Roy - October 10, 2012
Where can I buy Minitrix rail joiners, the universals and Peco dont work
Hmmm... couldn't find them on eBay, so they must be hard to find. I only found this forum about the same subject. However on I found some Minitrix joiners.
Richard - January 13, 2012
I am looking for motor brushes for Danish deisel part # E 400 159 00, if you have one please notify me.
You can try and search for minitrix brushes or here is a link to some shops which sell 40015900 minitrix brushes.
Richard - December 5, 2011
I have a Minitrix 56 6513 transverse device for moving N gauge trains. I need a part for one of the tracks. where can I buy parts.
Did you try or contact You can also try this US Marklin dealer.
Chris - December 16, 2010
I have a very early minitrix Britania loco that runs very well but for one of the cranks from the centre wheel to what would be the valve gear detached. It is the crank itself that is broken. Can spares be obtained through Marklin so i can bring this back up to scratch.