.....Ever dreamed of moving objects with your mind? Now you can with this astounding game of mental ... a small foam ball by focusing your concentration. Using physical and mental coordination, guide the ball through the customizable obstacle course. Mind-blowing and fun....

How does Mindflex work?

Mindflex (or Mind Flex) is a mental game by Mattel in which players use brain waves to steer a ball around in an obstacle course. The brain waves are captured with a special headset, which allows to switch a fan on and off, thus lifting or lowering the blue styrofoam ball. The toy was released in the fall of 2009.

GET READY TO CONTROL THE ACTION AS YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE: WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND! Just put on the Mindflex headset and your own brainwaves will move a ball up and down on a cushion of air. Concentrate and the ball will rise, relax and it will descend - it's literally mind over matter! THE OBJECT IS SIMPLE. Race through a mind-bending obstacle course as quickly as you can. The player with the fastest time wins! THE CHALLENGES ARE ENDLESS! Ready to flex your mental muscles? Then get your brain in the game with Mindflex!

Download here the Mind Flex manual (PDF).

Mindflex video demonstration:

Q: How does Mindflex work? A: Whenever you concentrate, you generate brainwave activity. Mindflex uses a variation of EEG technology to "read" the intensity of these brainwaves via sensors positioned on your forehead and ears. These sensors do not generate or interfere with brainwaves, they only read what is already there. Once the Mindflex headset recognizes your brainwaves, it transmits a signal to a fan within the console. This fan controls ball levitation. Your brainwaves, in turn, control the power of the fan. The more effectively you concentrate, the stronger the fan blows and the higher the ball floats. Relaxing your mind relaxes the fan's airflow, which lowers the ball.

Q: How do you play Mindflex? A: Just put on the headset and you're ready to put your brainpower to the test! Utilizing advanced Mindflex technology, the wireless headset reads your brainwave activity. Concentrate and the ball rises on a cushion of air! Relax and the ball descends. Your objective: Navigate the ball through a mind-bending obstacle course as quickly as you can -traveling up and down by using the power of your thoughts and right or left by turning the control knob.

Q: How many Games are included in Mindflex? A: You can choose from 5 different game modes: Freestyle, Mental Marathon, Danger Zone, Chase the Lights and Thoughtshot.

Q: What's included in the Mindflex package? A: Mindflex comes with the following components: 1 Game Console 1 Headset 4 Balls 3 Ring Towers 5 Rings 2 Maze Cages 2 Wall Panels 4 Shelf Panels 1 Funnel (3 pieces) 1 Cannon (3 pieces) 1 Teeter-Totter 1 Propeller Wheel (4 "C" batteries for console and 3 "AAA" batteries for headset NOT INCLUDED)

Q: How many people can play? A: Up to 4 players can compete in a single game

Q: Who can play Mindflex? A: Mindflex is intended for players age 8 and up.

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