Micro Machines: The Original Scale Miniatures were a line of toys originally made by Galoob in the mid 1980s and throughout the 1990s. Micro Machines were literally that - miniature scale component style "playsets" and vehicles that were slightly larger than "N scale". Although Micro Machines have not been sold in the United States in some years, newer models are available in the UK and Europe.

Micro machine collecting interest is much smaller than vintage Hot Wheels. It might be considered to be a 1990s item, which some say is not long enough ago to generate adult interest. Some other reasons are that one had to buy a pack at a time, and typically only one would be a new model in any given year, and the toys are smaller and easy to lose. Most sets are worth less than the $5 retail, though some like Civil War can command over $10, and the Aliens set of three are on eBay stores for $50. The rare US version of the action fleet Aliens jump ship has been asking over $70. Some rare Star Trek sets and ships are being sold for $100 to $370 by online auction stores. Some of the hardest to find packages of cars have commanded prices around $100. Those packages often contain prototypes never released to the public. Often large lots can be had for pennies per vehicle on auction sites.

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Micro Machines kept sealed in the package take up a lot of space, but ones which are loose don't take up much space at all. One can use one of the original showcases for Micro Machines, or some collectors use fishing tackle boxes to store their collection.

The Micro Machines brand was revived for a few years in response to the popularity of the similar Speedeez brand. Hasbro also opted to use many fantasy castings in the revival. The revival only lasted a couple years. Hot Wheels also had its hand in the trend, releasing their brand known as Atomix (Hot Wheels also produced a brand called Planet Micro in the late 1990s.)


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Updated: 12 August 2019

Micro Machines value and price guide

What's your 'Micro Machines' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Deluxe 1990 Collection 1 5 7 13 Not Inc 08/2019 $3 059.99
Huge Galoob Military Playsets Vehicles 10/2019 $550.00
Star Wars Epic Collections 6 Vi 10/2019 $699.95
Star Wars Epic Collections 4 Iv Dark 10/2019 $699.95
Star Wars Epic Collections 5 V Dark 10/2019 $699.95

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Comments (6)

Trey - September 22, 2019
Hi I have a Bill Elliott Micro Machines Stock Car Superstars from 1991 marked 7432, new in the box but it is marked in the front Sterling Marlin Race Team (box error). UPC code is 047246743230. Do you know what this might be worth?
Not sure, maybe search for Micro Machines Bill Elliott. You can also ask the members of a Facebook fan group, see comment below.

Alan - July 18, 2019
I have a lot of the 80s micro machines cars for sale don't know what to ask for them
I removed your phone number, but if anyone is interested, I'll forward them to you.

Joe - July 15, 2019
Trying to sell my childhood. Have umteen micromachine sets, with boxes still and cars with no cases, wondering what is the best way to sell all at once without eBay or etsy
Well, you could try and sell them on Facebook. You can find a fan page here: Micro Machines Collectors.

Bill - June 15, 2018
I saw the comment about the misprint , I have the set of Jawas figures micro machines but it is labeled tusken raiders ... your thoughts ?

Tammy - April 4, 2018
we have a Micro machines star wars Endor set and it is a miss print the front of the box says Endor set from "Empire Strikes Back" but on the rest of the box on sides and back it says from "Return of the Jedi". i have tried to google search this miss print and i have not found it anywhere, have you heard of this!!! all the local hobbies store have tired to help but they are baffled.wonder if you might have an idea and what a rare miss print like this could be worth?
Hi, never heard of this but there are a few misprints of Star Wars sets by Micro Machines on eBay. I see prices range from 70-300 USD. Couldn't find this particular one though...

Candy - January 22, 2014
have a micro machine i think it is about the same size, it is grey with a blue and red lighting on roof and bonnet with the word GAB on the roof. Does any one know what it is or where it came from?