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Tin toy manufacturer Masudaya (founded in 1923, Tokyo) was a Japanese leading producer of battery and mechanical operated toys in the post- war period, and unlike most of their competitors, has managed to survive to this day. Masudaya normally identifies their toys using the M-T, or Modern Toys logo.

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Masudaya was known for essentially creating the 'skirmishable' airsoft gun. They were the first to design airsoft guns to be used for combat simulation. Before that, all airsoft guns were essentially for target shooting in your backyard.

Masudaya has produced hundreds of toys through the years, many of them vintage tin type toys either wind-up or battery-operated, in addition to the following Airsoft replicas:

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Masudaya value and price guide

What's your Masudaya worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
big eye doll japan 9 vinyl jointed masudaya 1960s pre Big Eye Doll Japan 9 Vinyl Jointed Masudaya 1960s Pre 11/2021 $9.99
masudaya die cast robby robot mib Masudaya Die Cast Robby Robot Mib 11/2021 $90.00
r 35 mechanical robot tin toy windup masudaya style R 35 Mechanical Robot Tin Toy Windup Masudaya Style 11/2021 $5.00
masudaya lcd game watch play time space station w box Masudaya Lcd Game Watch Play Time Space Station W Box 11/2021 $64.99
radar antenna for radar tank masudaya modern toy japan Radar Antenna For Radar Tank Masudaya Modern Toy Japan 11/2021 $40.56
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

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Comments (24)
William - July 25, 2021
Just found your very informative site. I wrote the book "Modern Toys from Japan", working directly with Masudaya. The correct name of the company is Masudaya and they trace their toy history back to 1724, not 1924. The M.T stands for Masudaya Toy (company). They called their 1930s design department the Modern Toys Laboratory and they began to use Modern Toys as a byline added to their MT trademark in 1950. It is a byline, not the name of the company.
The Antique Toy Collectors of America will be posting an extensive and interesting article on pre-war Japanese toys on the public side of their website before the end of August 2021. Watch for it!
Thanks so much for this William! I'll update this page asap and will certainly look forward to the article you mentioned!
Terry - July 2, 2021
My mother has a Mountain Express battery operated train in the silver color. i found a green one. Is this an odd one? It is inoperable, someone had been poking around inside but the shell is 100%. I am sure she would gladly give it to you if you pay shipping.
Hi there, no idea if your green one is an odd one...
Victoria - January 21, 2020
I have a battery-operated "moving fish" tank where the fish "swim" around a little tank of water when you flip a switch. Made in 1996 and labeled with "D.Y.Toy" logo, I have never seen this anywhere online and want some info on it. I believe it was purchased in Japan?
I think it's called 'Masudaya Aqua Fun'... but other than that no idea. Have a look on Google Images, maybe you can find yours!
Trent - January 5, 2020
I have an MT antique car with lever operated propulsion. Looks like a early 20's sedan. Has the "Trade Mark Modern Toys" logo with the MT symbol on the back. Also shows Patent No. 104210 in black lettering. Still fully functional. Any idea of how old it is?
Try these two links to see if you can find yours or a similar model to determine age: Masudaya sedan and Modern Toys sedan.
Carl - January 16, 2019
Hi. I have a F-4 Phantom Jet. Battery powered in the original box. I flew the F-4 and just had to have it. Any idea on the value? Great shape, box OK. MT Masudaya Modern Toys emblem
Neil - August 17, 2018
Hi i have toy named tongo bongo junior... made in japan by masudaya with box its plastic not tin has a pistol and a monkey which you shoot, the monkey moves the pistol lights up when fired , any idea of value? have looked but cant find any info
Jack - July 21, 2018
I have a Trade Mark Toys wind-up bear that walks and moves its head. It is still in working order and has the Trade Mark Id still attached. What do I have here?
Probably made by Modern Toys. Could be worth between 50-150 USD, depending on state and if it's still in the box.
Eket - March 7, 2018
Hi,I have a vintage tin oldsmobile marked modern toys with a remote existing of a metal cable with a pistol grip to steer and controll the car.I can't find any info.Maybe someone knows?Thanx in advance
Fabio - July 17, 2017
I have an old train of Trade Mark Modern Toys, from Masudaya, Japan. I would like to know the YEAR it was made. I have the serial number: 4620, but I didnt find it on Google. Thanks.
Neil - April 10, 2016
I have a tin Busy Bizzy Friendly Bug with voice dashes around changing directions when hitting obstacles in the original box. can you give me some information on this item?
Estimated at around 75 to 150 USD.
David - January 10, 2015
Would you know how I could get the plastic head pieces? I have the 1997 24'' body but I need these parts.
Jean - October 5, 2014
Hi, I would love to be able to identify a tin toy I have. It is a tin wind up butterfly, marked made in occupied Japan and looks similar to Masudaya trademark that I have seen but the ONLY trademark is a sideway diamond shape with an M and T going through it.It does not say Modern Toys as I have seen on others. Any help would be so appreciated.
Steve - July 29, 2014
i have been given a large talking Robbie but the plastic antennae are missing and voice box is missing,i've tried email masudaya but no reply,hints or advice be appreciated
I don't think Masudaya actually makes toys anymore. Maybe ask here on this website on robot toy parts.
Rick - July 23, 2014
I have a Masudaya tin army tank 3599 from I believe the late 60's. The tank is complete and in great shape but does not have the barrel. Any idea as to where I could find this?
It's not easy finding parts for old toys... maybe there is a broken Masudaya tank for parts for sale on eBay.
Cory - January 8, 2014
I have a modern toy masudaya sonic robot i need to sell if any one interested please feel free to email me: coryosborne54 AT yahoo DOT com it does light up but dont drive around $5200.00
You've better chance selling it on eBay I guess. Let me know when you've sold it, I'll remove this message.
Gus - May 9, 2013
Somebody have pics of the factory or the line of production from masudaya or yonezawa or cragstan?
I would be interested as well!
Tom - December 13, 2012
I have a 51 buick by masadaya. It has steerable front wheels. All of the cars I have seen have fixed steering. Is this car more desirable? Thanks, Tom
On this website I found some Masudaya Buicks with 'realistic steering' and prices.
Paul - November 23, 2012
Hi there - I have a Radicon Tank but have lost the remote/radio controller. Do you have any suggestions on where I can find a replacement or get a replacement which will work the tank ? Thanks in advance
Very difficult I'm afraid... Buy another (broken) Radicon on eBay is my best bet, or sell your tank?
Matthew - August 19, 2012
Hello, I was just on a family reunion vacation trip and was in a little shop and found one of these cars without its driver figure. Do you know where I can get one?
Debbie - January 10, 2012
I found a stuffed cat with a tag on it that says, "Modern Toys Original Marks". This is a round tag that also has "No ____" but no number listed on it. Can you tell me anything about it?
Sharon - March 17, 2011
I am trying to find any information on the following item. A battery operated non-stop action Forty Niner 1732 Locomotive with puffing noise, whistle
Hello Sharon, manufacturer of you toy is probably Masudaya.
John - February 19, 2011
Hello, can someone help me find information on a Masudaya tin train? It is red and has the words "Forty Niner" on it (as opposed to the "Western" words I find often)
Stuart - January 31, 2011
Hi. Have a M-T Beechcraft 3311; fuselage removable; mechanical operation of propellers and forward movement (not working). When were these made and what might one in fair condition be worth?
I think these were made mid-1960s, value depends on state, box and demand somewhere between 50-200 USD but I must say its a bit of a wild guess...
Bill - November 14, 2010
Hello, I need help finding info on a vintage T M toy. Its an Apollo Space Capsule with a floating astronaut, the only info I can find is "The Apollo Spacecraft #3784" but this is not the same one. On the one I have the astronaut is much smaller than the #3784 Other than that it looks just like it. Any help would be great I would love to know what this is worth I cant find a duplicate anywhere online.