Manhattan, and Waverly, New York, 1920s-1942. Manoil produced hollow-cast toy soldiers, also known as dime store soldiers.


The American Manoil Manufacturing Company was a plastic and metal toy-company. By 1940, Manoil figures were in such demand that they had to move the company to a larger production facility on Providence Street, Waverly, NY. Production lasted until April 1, 1942. Unlike many other manufacturers, Manoil was not able to develop any defense contracts; post-War production continued though not with the vigor or popularity that the company experienced pre-War. Its prominence was from 1937-1941 when it produced hollowcast toy soldiers (sometimes called dime store soldiers) along with toy airplanes and cars.

Maurice Manoil (1896-1974) and his brother Jack (1902-1955) produced a variety of items from 1927 until they began making toys in 1934.

After producing die-cast toy cars, Manoil began to produce toy soldiers in 1935. They were sculpted by Walter Baetz.

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Large 100 Barclay Toy Soldiers 07/2019 $550.00
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Lot 24 Barclay Wwi Lead Soldiers Figures 06/2019 $390.28

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