Look at almost every LJN WWF Superstars figure released between 1984 and 1989 and you'll notice something common among nearly all that survived -- they've got lots of playtime evidence. One of the most popular products during the WWF's massive growth, these wrestling figures bucked a lot of the action figure trends at the time.


The LJN WWF line was the first major figure brand in the US. In July 1984, WWF and LJN signed a licensing agreement for the production of wrestling WWF figures. Each basic series LJN figure came with a poster as well as a collectors card on the back of the package. There has been lots written about possible variants of figures and it is very difficult to prove what is and isn't a variant... Were they genuine variants or colour damage or simply mistakes in one individual figure that blew up into a variant?

Despite their shortcomings, the LJN WWF wrestling figures were really a lot of fun, and although they aren't very detailed, the toy company did a great job of creating the likenesses of the WWF celebrities and wrestlers.

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Updated: 5 October 2020

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