The Littlechap Family was manufactured by the Remco Company in the sixties and was comprised of Mother Lisa (a former model, who gave up her career to stay at home to raise her daughters and president of the P.T.A), Father Dr. John (a respected member of the Lanevilles County Medical Society and a former U.S. Army/Air Force Flight Surgeon) and two daughters: Judy (17, attends Lanesville High School where she is an honour student in the senior class) and Libby (10, in Grade 5 at Lanesville Elementary School. She loves to climb trees and pester her sister).

The family lived in Lanesville.

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Remco 08/2019 $75.00
Lot 30 Pieces Dolls Clothes Shoes Remco 07/2019 $60.00
Remco Libby Wearing Her School Outfit Nm 06/2019 $46.75
Remco Lisa Wearing Original Fashion 05/2019 $45.00
Remco Judy S Football Outfit Nm 06/2019 $38.25

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