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After launching Lilliput Lane in September, 1982, no one was more surprised than founder David Tate at the rapid success of his "cottage" industry.

The company had done well with its models of vernacular English architecture, and by 1985, it was ready to broaden its scope. To that end, Tate and assistant sculptor Tom Raine spent several weeks touring Germany, searching for potential models for a proposed German collection.

It's likely that during this trip, the dark, Gothic architectural style of the Teutonic castles that they visited helped to shape the "legend" that followed.

Each Lilliput Lane cottage undergoes a long and technically challenging production process before completion. Many Lilliput Lane cottages are based on real buildings, capturing vernacular architecture in magnificent miniature detail.

Updated: 26 November 2019

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1996 paul cardew signed lilliput lane large market 1996 Paul Cardew Signed Lilliput Lane Large Market... 04/2021 $900.00
3x large lilliput lane decorative ornaments boxed 3x Large Lilliput Lane Decorative Ornaments Boxed... 06/2021 $758.14
lilliput lane prototype original first sculpt in Lilliput Lane Prototype Original First Sculpt In... 06/2021 $690.48
lilliput lane cliburn school Lilliput Lane Cliburn School... 06/2021 $662.86
lilliput lane cliburn school rarest lilliput on Lilliput Lane Cliburn School Rarest Lilliput On... 05/2021 $640.07
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Comments (2)
Ruth - July 19, 2021
I have a collection of 110 houses, some boxed,some collectors club and 2 signed, along with magazine for club members, I would like to sell as a whole as I have downsized and have no room for large cabinet. Could you help and point me in the right direction.Any help I would be grateful.
Ebay would be my best bet.
Linda - June 11, 2021
I have a piece of Lilliput called Memories of the Magic Kingdom, it comes with a flag which us not fixed. It looks like there is a place on the top for the flag to sit but it doesn't fit into it. I have dome some research but all the photos I have seen dont show the flag. Does anyone have a photograph of the piece with the flag in place?