Liddle Kiddles

Liddle Kiddles were produced from 1966 to 1971 andd Mattel (genuine Liddle Kiddles are marked with 'MATTEL' and Japan or Hong Kong and a copyright date either under the clothing on the back or right under the hairline) was the first to create Liddle Kiddle miniature dolls in the 1960s. However, many companies including Hasbro made Liddle Kiddle clones (dolls which copied the concept) to cash in on the tiny doll craze which Liddle Kiddles caused in the late 1960s. They were 2.75 to 4 inch tall, although certain Kiddles as small as 1 inch were made. Girls & boys share the same vinyl covered wired body styles, so you can 'bend and pose' the dolls. They came in a 2.5 inch shorter stocky body (like the 3501 Bunson), or a skinnier body (like the 3503 Liddle) and the taller thin 3.5 inch body (like the 3502 Howard). They have rooted hair which can be combed or brushed and their heads can turn.

The Liddle Kiddle came on a card board hanger, with a clear plastic bubble. Each Kiddle has their own theme or accessories of work or play; a comb and brush set made of plastic -usually in yellow- and a Kiddle funny book which tells a little story and describes the other dolls in the series.

The dolls were made of vinyl. Despite their tiny size, they had rooted hair and most had jointed limbs and tiny, separate shoes. Most 'cloned' Liddle Kiddles did not have separate shoes. It's believed that there were 24 original Liddle Kiddles.

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Gaynor - September 3, 2013
I have a 1967 suki kiddle all in tact and working fine i don't know whether she had shoes as they are gone but original clothes and robbon in her hair. But she has 1967 mattel inc/u.s.a. u,s.pat.pend. on her she worth anything.
They can fetch up to 60 UDS (boxed), but usually go for around 10 to 30 USD. She had pink, blue or white shoes.