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The Lada Niva or VAZ-2121 is the Russian word for "crop field") is an off-road vehicle produced by the Russian (former Soviet) manufacturer AvtoVAZ. It was also marketed as the Lada Sport in Iceland, Lada Taiga in Austria, Bognor Diva in Uruguay, and is offered since 2009 on the most markets as the Lada 4x4.

It was one of the first mass production off-road vehicles to feature a unibody architecture (the first was GAZ-M-72 in 1955), independent front suspension and coil suspension, and is a predecessor to current crossover SUVs which nearly all follow this format. A pickup and emergency van versions are produced by VAZInterService.

Updated: 28 September 2021

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Lada Niva value and price guide

What's your Lada Niva worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
vaz 2121 lada niva a20 trailer novoexport ussr russian Vaz 2121 Lada Niva A20 Trailer Novoexport Ussr Russian 08/2021 $302.01
soviet russian car lada niva metal 1 43 ussr ba3 2121 Soviet Russian Car Lada Niva Metal 1 43 Ussr Ba3 2121 10/2021 $125.00
novoexport lada niva trailer new in box Novoexport Lada Niva Trailer New In Box 11/2021 $92.68
lada 2121 niva 1 43 novoexport ussr die cast car in Lada 2121 Niva 1 43 Novoexport Ussr Die Cast Car In 10/2021 $85.78
novoexport lada niva white new in box Novoexport Lada Niva White New In Box 11/2021 $63.71
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

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Chris - April 20, 2021
Hello there John, I have a Lada Niva 1:43 identical except red to the 2nd one in your listing $225.00 that is white. It's Boxed and New. For some reason (it's never been played with) the right side door has come off and a bit at the top of the window surround has come off. I have these bits but they have just come off. I myself and my brother both drove nivas in the 1990s and did a great deal of off roading and had great fun. Would it be of any value to a collector? I can send photos but can't attach them here. Many thanks Chris