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What's your 'Kohler' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA).

Picture Title Date Sold for
1940 S Germany Mechanical Cow Windup Tin 09/2019 $185.49
Germany Litho Tin Wind Up Black Crow 09/2019 $174.99
1950s German Gnk Tin Windup Signing Bird 10/2019 $111.50
Fabulous Germany Tin Windup Handstand 08/2019 $128.50
Scarce 1950 S Germany Tin Windup 07/2019 $110.50

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Comments (2)

Jay - December 25, 2017
received a kohler germany tin wind up hopping frog. saya made in west germany. it has good paint green yellow black and some red
The hopping frog has a value of about 4 to 8 USD.

Amanda - May 14, 2012
how do you find out about kohler tin toys? I have a tin monkey that looks almost exactally like one on e bay that was made in 1940 i would like some information on it can anyone help me thanks