Knickerbocker dolls

The Knickerbocker Toy & dolls Company was founded by Dutch immigrants named Van Whye. The firm's name was derived from Knickerbocker, a nickname given to Dutch immigrants. Later, the family decided to change their name to Knickerbocker. At first, the company was known for educational toys and wooden puzzles.

Knickerbocker acquired the exclusive rights in the 1930s from International Feature Service, Inc. to manufacture Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse toys. The company is also known for their pluche Disney characters and their Good Luck Bear. In the 1980s, Lionel Train Company took over Knickerbocker Toy Company and, with Lionel Train Company filing for bankruptcy in 1984, the line discontinued.

The Knickerbocker Toy Co. is probably best known for their Walt Disney character dolls, the Raggedy Ann & Andy and the cloth Holly Hobbie dolls. The dolls are usually of good quality and were made of cloth, composition and vinyl.

Knickerbocker was sold to Hasbro in 1984.

Updated: 15 August 20201

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Knickerbocker value and price guide

What's your Knickerbocker worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
9 american composition donald duck gunslinger doll 9 American Composition Donald Duck Gunslinger Doll 08/2021 $900.00
knickerbocker disney minny mouse toy doll Knickerbocker Disney Minny Mouse Toy Doll 09/2021 $500.00
28 1930s beautiful large knickerbocker white mohair 28 1930s Beautiful Large Knickerbocker White Mohair 10/2021 $445.00
2 mint limited edition jerri lee terri lee western 2 Mint Limited Edition Jerri Lee Terri Lee Western 09/2021 $429.99
raggedy ann andy dolls knickerbocker Raggedy Ann Andy Dolls Knickerbocker 10/2021 $300.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

Knickerbocker forum

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Comments (50)
Mare - September 9, 2021
I bought a stuffed animal a donkey I think and the label says Knickerbocker toy company but yet I cannot find any donkey animal that they have made
I saw a few on eBay: Knickerbocker Donkey.
Rebecca - August 30, 2021
I am trying to find out what a knickerbocker rubber face pony is worth ive heard they are rare?
Kim - March 9, 2021
Hello! I am looking for my beloved childhood stuffed animal. He was a Knickerbocker Hollywood Hound. He was white with big yellow and blue spots on him and I think he had a zipper. My parents used to travel 150 miles to Chicago to replace mine when my original would wear out! It would mean the world to me to find another one. Thank you!!
Helen - March 1, 2021
I have an extensive set of hand crocheted dresses and other clothing items made for a 7” 1940s plastic Knickerbocker doll. Are people interested?
Stephen - February 25, 2021
I have aquierd a male and female doll, I assume are a ragady Ann and Andy set. Biggest thing I notice are they both have black stripes instead of red on there lefts, both are almost mint, but neither are in a box or have any tags, markings or wrightings on them. I am at a lost on what they are or if they are junk or worth anything. If anyone can help me and guide me in anyway of helping me I would rilly appreciate it. I can take picture and send them I should post a picture here if I knew how... Thx you in advance
Wendu - February 15, 2021
Hi there, I have a teddy with a hat and little trousers on. She did have a dress but this is long gone. I reckon I had this around mid 70s. Her label says she is an animal of distinction but apart from seeing one for sale on ebay in the states, I can't see anything about her anywhere. I have a photo but I don't know how to upload this to here? Can anyone shed any light for me please? Thank you
Connie - January 24, 2021
Any info on this please. It has a rubber head, for body, squeaks when you squeeze it and is on metal wheels. Thanks in advance
Nice mule, but I can't find anything on it unfortunately... If I get replies from other visitors, I'll forward them.
Louann - December 27, 2020
I have the 1955 Knickerbocker plus baby Santa. It had a music box that has gone missing. Any chance I can get another baby Santa with the music box it just the music box ? It played Silent Night.
Doug - November 16, 2020
I am looking for the knickerbocker Prince Frog. I’m willing to pay top buck! Need it for Christmas...
Difficult to find, good luck! It's not the same, but you could also try to search for: Plush Prince Frog. Maybe some sellers don't know if they have a Knickerbocker or not.
Michelle - November 13, 2020
Wondered if anyone knew anything about this knickerbocker mouse
Ann - October 24, 2020
I am looking for the Knickerbocker Western Cowboy Bunny. My son had one as a child & I would love to get him the same one.
Difficult to find... check this page now and then to see if one pops up one day: Knickerbocker Cowboy Bunny. I'll forward any message I get if another visitor has one.
Yvet - September 5, 2020
Can you tell me about this bear/ animal? I think it's from the 1950 per tag. Value?
No idea... They made so many bears! Have a look here to see if you can find yours: Knickerbocker bears.
Maria - August 10, 2020
I have 3 6” mohair Knickerbocker bears, shou Mei, Bai Ye and Zhang, all in original boxes with certificates, would like to know the value?
Diane - July 21, 2020
Hello, I have a knickerbocker dog, With long ears that have bells in them, he played music at One point because his wind up is missing and the music box inside is broken, he’s yellow , white with orange eyes, can anybody help me out? Tia
Melissa - May 18, 2020
Hello have a old Uncle Woogie is the name on his tag any information on him ? Had him since childhood
Sorry, I can't find anything on this doll... Try some doll Facebook groups.
Nora - August 15, 2019
I have a 1955 Knickerbocker white stuffed duck doll with orange rubber face and yellow felt feet. Can you tell me Bout it.?
Not much I'm afraid... Knickerbocker made many ducks. You can try and find your duck on this page: Knickerbocker duck.
Karen - May 29, 2019
I have a plush childs stool. red vinal on the bottom, soft red on top. has Huckelberry hound yogi bear round about 12 to 14 inches high. maybe early 1960. Never played with. I cant find anything like it. Value?
I could only find one with Bozo the Clown which sold for 15 USD and another one is, also with another design, is for sale right now for USD 30.
Kevin - January 28, 2019
Between 40-80 USD.
Paula - November 23, 2018
i have an original raggedy andy doll form knickerbocker is it worth anything its a small one still in the box and i have a barbie camper form when i was 11 yrs old the original one im 57 now its in fairly good shape still is that worth anything
Take a look on my Raggedy Ann to see if you can find yours for value.
Brian - October 13, 2018
I have what I think is a lion with green eyes and orange mane felt fingers and a brown strip down its nose and I cant seem to find it anywhere on the internet.
Sorry for the late reply. Search for: Knickerbocker lion and maybe you'll find one like yours to see the value.
Mary - March 1, 2018
I have had a frog all my life form the 70 s wearing overalls.Someone has stolen it I am very devasted I don't have very many good memories of childhood but he was one of them,Please help me find one.
So sorry to hear this... Have you searched for Knickerbocker frog? Maybe you'll find one like yours.
Karen - September 14, 2017
a dressed rabbit 1960's. box in rough shape
Whitney - April 24, 2017
I have a Hollywood Hound with a functioning original music box. Any idea when it was made or the value? The tongue is gone but his blue and yellow spots are still visible.
If you try google images: Knickerbocker hound music maybe you'll spot yours.
Dorothy - November 21, 2015
I have a mickey mouse stuffed wind up toy made by Knickerbocker Toy Company and would like to know what it is worth today. He still plays the original mickey mouse song and is in good condition. It has been kept in a McDonalds Bag since the 1900s.Please e-mail me with a response. Thank you.Sincerely, Dorothy McKeon
Hi Dorothy! Best is to compare yours with other Knickerbocker Mickey Mouse toys, Click here for a list.
Mariann - November 10, 2015
I have a very large Yogi Bear dated 1959 from Knickerbocker Toy Co. Also other side of tag says Hannah Barbera. He stands at least 2 feet tall. What can you tell me about it please?
Sheran - July 12, 2015
I have a doll called pudgy kuddles made by knickerbocker pat. pending. She is stuffed red and white poke a dots,big tummy, has a hard pressed oil cloth type face, big painted eyes, large bonnet with white heavy weaved stiff white material.Seen one years ago ,copied the tag ,but have never have seen another one. I think she was made it the 1920's early 1930's Any information would be appreciated.
Send me a pic (under contact you can find my email) and I'll post it here.
Candice - June 30, 2015
From what I've been able to gather, it's a Knickerbocker "Joy of a Toy" Musical Mouse. Mine has a music box and plays the Brahms lullaby. Here's one on a Facebook page for a company called Vintage Flea, and it sounds like the one that you have, Kathy. I've contacted them for more information and to see if they have ever seen another one. I'll let you know what I hear. I believe this one came a little earlier than mine, if it's '66 like yours. It has the black felt "fingers" and "toes" as you describe, but mine (from '70 or '71 I'd guess) doesn't have the black felt on the hands and feet. Also the shape of the foot on this one is different. On mine, the leg is simpler... just a cylindrical shape with the red and white polka dot fabric at the end. Jan, is there a way we can post photos to compare what we have and what we're finding? I'm on a mission to find another one that's the same vintage as mine! I'm so thrilled to be in touch with someone who also had one. This mouse is one of my most prized possessions. If not, please feel free to pass my email on to Kathy so we can compare notes. And thanks so much for providing this forum for us to connect!
Thanks Candice! I'll forward your message :-)
Candice - June 28, 2015
Kathy Brown, if you're still out there, I have information about your mouse. I have the same one, or possibly a slightly later version.
Hi Candice! What can you tell us about yours, do you know anything about it? I'll pass it on to Kathy.
Dave - May 22, 2015
Approx 8 inch tall doll black or brown suit yellow stomach feet and hands upturned nose looks like a mouse. Huckleberry hound on tag. Grey paint on back of head and ears. Anyone know this character?
You can find out which one you have by comparing yours with these on Google images or search here for: Knickerbocker Huckleberry Hound.
Lisa - July 6, 2014
Hi! I realized I have in my childhood keepsakes an "old" Joy of a Toy -Johnny Gruelle's Knickerbocker Toy Co.Raggedy Ann
A. - May 26, 2014
I have a Knickerbocker bunny from the 1930's we were wondering what are these antiques animals are made from?we have been searching to see if we find answers and nothing yet has popped up does anyone know?
Kim - January 4, 2014
I have a Knickerbocker Teddy Kuddles from the 50's or 60's (Joy of Toys label). It has been well loved and I have been trying to find a photo of his original condition in order to get him restored but have not been able to find one. He is a brown mohair bear about 36" tall with velveteen paw pads, snout, AND tummy. He has black plastic (possibly glass) eyes with blue, white, and black felt behind them to make up the eyes. Can anyone help?
Knickerbocker made lots of bears. Did you try : Google Images?
Joanne - December 22, 2013
Pat - December 17, 2013
My friend has two Santas acquired at the same time from Macy's NY in 1955. They say "Knickerbocker Toy Company", and they play Silent Night. Both had the same white faces at the time. The dolls were displayed at Christmas, and then stored together. Each year the rubber on the face of one of the dolls darkened to the point where it is now a black Santa doll. I wondered if anyone else has reported this happening?
Alyssa - May 18, 2013
i have a wind up musical knickerbocker toy that sings rock a bye baby and it looks like a koala/bear/dog can anyone tell me what he is?Looks to be very old
Kathy - February 16, 2013
I have a 1966 Knickerbocker Kuddles 12" stuffed mouse.It is gray fur with a white fur stomach and chin,black nose and whiskers,cartoon eyes and red w/white polka dot lining the ears and bottom of feet and paws made of cotton material.A red ribbon around its neck,and i can't find anything about you know?
Deb - February 9, 2013
i am looking for a Kickerbocker stuff lion that was probably from the 60's
Search for Knickerbocker lion and maybe something comes up.
J. - February 7, 2013
Looking for green plush frog wearing denim overalls circa early 1980's
Search regularly on this website for knickerbocker frogs.
Judi - January 6, 2013
I have a 1955 Knickerbocker Baby Santa, that winds up an plays silent night. It was left to me by my grandmother.
Great little doll! Also quite common. One on ebay from the same year fetched 51 USD last month, just before the holidays ;-) Don't know though if this example had a music box.
Cbp - July 12, 2012
I have a 1950's Knickerbocker Joy of a Toy Animals of Distinction brown bear with black eyes felt ears and a music box on the center front. The tag is located on the right side with the number 18 on it. I am looking for a value.THX
Dan - March 31, 2012
I have a 1977 Knickerbocker Mickey Mouse doll with a wind up music box that plays the old Mickey Mouse theme song. The doll is dressed in blue pants, yellow
Mike - January 16, 2012
I have a tiger with a wind up music box. The label on the side says Animals of Distinction, I am looking for info. Value?
Sandi - December 7, 2011
I'm looking for information about Knickerbocker ride on toys, specifically a black horse ride on toy. The horse came with a bridle and saddle. If anyone knows where I can find anything out about this horse, please let me know. Thanks!
Ricardo - July 29, 2011
I would like to sell 24 miniature leather bound books William shakespeare published by knickerbocker leather
I would suggest selling them on eBay, look here for some price info: Knickerbocker Shakespeare.
Mallori - July 28, 2011
I have a complete knickerbocker snow white and seven dwarf doll set in good condition--any idea how much I should sell them for?
Depends on demand and state. Look here for more info: Knickerbocker Snowwhite or try Google.
Susan - July 25, 2011
I have a stuff bear or sad face mouse with eyes shut the face is painted on wanted to know how old and what its worth.
Michelle - December 9, 2010
Knickerbocker made dolls for the house they are available from ebay right now, but i only see the one post. better hurry!
Carol - November 6, 2010
knickerbocker made a moppets dollhouse with a doll covering the house. Did knickerbocker make any dolls to go with the dollhouse? If so do you know who?
The Moppets Secret Doll House was essentially a doll with a large skirt. If you take the doll out of the top of the doll house and detach the skirt you could then play with her in the dollhouse. I am not sure if there were more dolls made for this house.
Bob - October 27, 2010
I have a set of 13 leather bound miniature books of shakespeares plays. mfg Knickerbocker Toy and Novelty. What is their worth?
Kathy - September 20, 2010
I have a knickerbocker doll that was given to me in 1959 and would like to know the value of it. It is in mint condition and is in a plastic egg parcially covered to look like the doll is breathing.