The Real Ghostbusters by Kenner

The Real Ghostbusters Toy line was created by Kenner from 1986 through 1991. It was mostly related to the Animated Series, however the Ecto-1a and ECTO-Charger where both related to the Ghostbusters II Film. Also, Filmations Ghostbusters had a line of Toys as well being produced by Tyco.

The Kenner line of The Real Ghostbusters first hit the stores fulfilling Christmas pre-orders in 1986 (notably the 1986 first print sold out in pre-orders). Later, the toys began to be put on shelves in January of 1987. The line continued being made and sold til the spring of 1991. It had ten waves of toys (based on card rearrangements) with at least one more planned. Notably the line ended during the Kenner and Hasbro merger in 1991.

It is believed that the first wave toys were released during the Christmas season in 1986, mostly to fulfill layaway orders. Officially, the first advertisements appeared, done by Toy's R Us in the newspapers around the end of January 1987. The toy line first wave first printing is believed to have been all the figures, but not the Ghost Zapper or the Plush Toys. Second printing which was released with additions from wave 2 was done sometime in the spring of 1987. A third printing was most likely done for the Christmas season of 1987.

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