Though the Bub company, founded by Karl Bub, is known to have produced items in collaboration with Carette, and it is reasonable to assume that this cooperation would have included the production of magic lanterns, there is no evidence of Bub manufacturing magic lanterns.

Many Bub clockwork trains and toys reached the American market via distributor F.A.O. Schwartz, NY City, during the 1920s-1930s.

Nuremberg, Germany, 1851 - 1966. Trademark: K.B.N.

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Updated: 16 Dec. 2015

Karl Bub Kbn value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Lochinvar Kbn105 105 000 Btu Knight 07/2019 $2484.00
Mitsubishi Fr Se 2 7 5k Bn401u 07/2019 $1532.00
Pulsar 12000 Watt Portable Dual Fuel 08/2019 $999.99
Pulsar 12000 Watt Portable Dual Fuel 07/2019 $949.00
Karl Bub Limousine Germany Wind Up 1915 06/2019 $945.00
Pulsar 12000 Watt Portable Dual Fuel 07/2019 $899.99

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