The Kammer & Reinhardt doll company was founded in 1885 by the sculptor Ernst Kammer and the salesman Franz Reinhardt in Waltershausen, Thuringia, Germany. Kammer & Reinhardt designed their dolls body and bisque heads, but most of the heads were manufactured by the German company Simon & Halbig (which is why many dolls bare both companies mark on the dolls neck) as they did not have their own porcelain factory.

Kammer &
 Reinhardt doll
Kammer & Reinhardt also purchased bisque doll heads from the porcelain factories of Kling, Quendt & Schuetzmeister. In 1902 they purchased the Heinrich Handwerck doll company, when it's founder passed away. By 1920 they acquired the Simon & Halbig company as well.

From 1886 to 1909 kammer & Reinhardt made only dolly faced dolls with a bisque head on a composition ball jointed body or kid, many with an open mouth with teeth. After 1909 K&R made many types of German dolls, both bisque or composition heads and even cloth costume dolls with wired bodies dressed in various professions. However they are probably best known for their character baby and child dolls.

Other K&R dolls and markings

Other trademark doll names used by K & R are:

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Comments (3)
Glenn - April 26, 2020
Hi thank you for prompt reply my wife purchased a bisque ceramic doll for me some 30 years ago when I was retired from The London Fire Brigade through injury. It has marking on the back of the neck of K and R with what looks like a Star of David in the middle It then has numbers 114 underneath and also a little more underneath is the initials P M in what appears red paint or dye some weeks ago when polishing she knocked it off the shelf and the right hand broke off we tried to repair it but it is not perfect is it worth getting professionally repaired and could you please help with possible age of doll and is it worth saving for our great grandson as an inheritance we call him Elmo and he is dressed as a old fashioned sailor with a straw boater on the head thank you very much
Hi Glenn, I'm sorry, I'm not an expert on these dolls I must say, but there is a good chance you have a reproduction doll, made in the 1970s or 1980s. Here is some info I found: For prices, look here: Kammer Reinhardt 114 and Google images can help: Kammer Reinhardt 114 sailor. There is also a Facebook group: Let's id our dolls which might be of help. Good luck!
Lacy - June 6, 2019
I have a doll with k star of david with a j in the middle. The an r after the star. 114 and then its say says pouty en.
Maybe this page helps to find your doll.
Teri - December 24, 2018
I have a K and R boy doll. The markings on the back of his head say 117 and 76/86. The word Modine is also written there.