K&O toy outboards

K&O manufactured plastic and diecast miniature models from outboard motors.

It seems that K&O and Fleetline (same company) were the leader in the field of TOY outboards, as they were the only manufacturer to get permission to use the real outboard names on the motors. The motors were to real outboards what promos were to real cars.

Prices ranged from $4.95 in 1953 to about $6.95 in 1962. They were pretty expensive toys for the times. In 1953, only a Johnson was made. In 1954 they also made an Evinrude. From 1955 to 1958 almost every real outboard was copied, with changes each year, just like the real ones.

K O outboard

The early motors are the most common, with the 1960 to 1962 models being rare, as the company made fewer models and fewer total, the space toys of the period were blamed for the declining popularity and sales. The company changed hands, and was renamed Craftmaster. The motors they made were all plastic, and not nearly as nice as the diecast K&O ones.

All the boats sold with the motors were not nearly as detailed as the motors, and not exactly to scale, so most collectors are not interested in the boats.

Source: Text taken from the now defunct website V-Z Marine.


Updated: 25 April 2019

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K O Outboard value and price guide

What's your K O Outboard worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
evinrude model boat outboard motor 1959 k o models inc Evinrude Model Boat Outboard Motor 1959 K O Models Inc 11/2021 $260.00
evinrude 1958 big twin 35hp k o toy outboard motor Evinrude 1958 Big Twin 35hp K O Toy Outboard Motor 11/2021 $265.00
transom screws cups reproduction for k o toy outboard Transom Screws Cups Reproduction For K O Toy Outboard 11/2021 $18.00
k o 1958 johnson super sea horse 50 toy outboard motor K O 1958 Johnson Super Sea Horse 50 Toy Outboard Motor 10/2021 $31.99
1957 k o evinrude big twin 35 toy outboard model boat 1957 K O Evinrude Big Twin 35 Toy Outboard Model Boat 10/2021 $31.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices11/2021$-.--

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Comments (8)
Marty - November 12, 2021
We found a K&O Royal Blue speed master number 100, any idea it’s value ?
No idea, sorry...You could try and contact: toyoutboardmotors.com
John - January 28, 2021
Where can I get motor stands
I found a few on eBay: Toy Outboard Stands.
Phil - October 14, 2020
I was going through my dads toys after he passed and found an Evinrude v4 starflite. We did not find a boat but my aunt swears he had one. Can you tell me what type or manufacture of boat I should be looking for to make this complete.
These toy outboards were sold separately, or a model boat was equipped with one. So there are multiple options here. Here is one example: K&O Evinrude. You could also browse Google Images and search for: Evinrude V4 Starflite K&O for some examples and types of boats.
Mark - October 6, 2020
I have an outboard that has the following decals on it - Mercury - mark 78A. It has a red "gas tank" with it that holds the batteries. I would estimate that both items are in very good condition. Could I get an estimate of the value? Thank you in advance.
Best is to go to the website, mentioned in a comment below.
Jack - September 17, 2020
Would like to find information on this toy motor, to include value. never been used.
That's a beautiful Evinrude, unfortunately I don't have much knowledge about these little toy out board engines. Prices range from 150 to 700 USD. Maybe try to contact the webmaster of this website: Alterscale.com for more details.
Edward - August 28, 2019
Good Morning, I am looking to see where the value for a K
Hi Edward, something went wrong, apparently not the whole question got through.
Kim - April 21, 2019
at some point I would like to purchase a merc 1000 if any one would part with one [leave message here, webmaster will forward]
Also try this page occasionally: K&O Outboard Mercury.
Nick - February 7, 2013
Hello,I have a mercury 1000 toy motor never used and in the box. I can't seem to find how much it's worth. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!Nick
I am not sure but I think your K&O Mercury can actually fetch between 400 and 800 USD, but maybe more. Best is to ask the 'professional' collectors at for example toyoutboardmotors.com or Alterscale. EDIT: I see sold K&O Mercury outboards on eBay fetching between 1000 and 5000 USD.