Johnny Apollo

Johnny Apollo is an American toy line from Marx Toy Company featuring two action figure astronauts, first released in 1968 in response to the then current interest in outer space and the US/Soviet Space Race. The astronauts were Johnny and Jane Apollo, stood approximately 8" (20.32 cm) in height and came with a variety of space gear, including helmet, backpack and hand tools.

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Picture Title Date Price
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1966 mike hazard 12 johnny apollo 8 marx figure 1966 Mike Hazard 12 Johnny Apollo 8 Marx Figure... 05/2021 $13.46
marx nasa kennedy space center astronaut johnny Marx Nasa Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Johnny... 05/2021 $54.00
johnny apollo astronaut marx kennedy space center Johnny Apollo Astronaut Marx Kennedy Space Center... 05/2021 $26.99
1968 marx nasa johnny apollo astronaut 8 action 1968 Marx Nasa Johnny Apollo Astronaut 8 Action... 05/2021 $21.50
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Comments (2)
Larry - September 5, 2020
Hi, I'm looking for a set of Johnny Apollo Stickers for my Mexicast copy of Johnny. I'm a disabled Navy Viet-Vet who is trying to get some much wanted toys Mom and Dad couldn't afford to get. I'm also looking for the instruction sheet as well. I'm not doing this for MY benefit, NOT for selling. Please notify me when You get more, please?
I don't sell any decals, toys or stickers Larry, so I can't help you, sorry. Maybe other visitors know more about where to get them.
Mike - February 17, 2020
I recently bought an immaculate Johnny Apollo figure complete with gold helmet
Wow, great find, congrats!