John Deere was an American blacksmith and inventor, born in 1804. He started Deere & Company, which is a big company that makes farm equipment. In 1837, he developed the first American cast steel plow. The implements being used by pioneer farmers of that day were cumbersome and ineffective for cutting and turning the prairie soil. To alleviate the problem, Deere and a partner, Major Leonard Andrus, designed three new plows in 1838. Their cutting part was made from steel cut from an old sawmill blade and shaped by bending it over a log. The moldboard, used for lifting and turning, was made of wrought iron and polished on the upper surface to prevent clogging.

In 1836, John traveled to Grand Detour, Illinois, to make a fresh start. He had married and nine young children to look after. John was smart and hard working and he easily found work as a blacksmith. There were lots of farmers in Illinois and John had to fix their plows. The new farmers in Illinois struggled to turn heavy, sticky prairie soil with cast iron plows designed for the light, sandy soil of Vermont. John thought about the steel needles he had seen in father’s tailor shop. The needles stayed smooth and shiny because they were pulled through rough leather. John Deere came up with the idea for a plow that would work. The plow in his mind was polished and shiny and made of steel just like his father’s tailoring needles. It was shaped so that it could scour itself as it cut furrows. In 1837, he created his plow using a broken saw blade.

John sold his first plow to a farmer named Lewis Crandall. Lewis loved the plow told lots of other farmers. By 1841, John was making 100 of the plows every year. In 1843, he started working with another man named Leonard Andrus to help him keep up! By 1848, John had stopped working with Leonard and moved the business to Moline, Illinois. Moline had water power, coal and cheaper transportation than in Grand Detour. In 1850, John’s company made 1600 plows. The company was soon producing other tools to go with the steel plow.

In 1858, John asked his son Charles to be in charge of the company. John stayed on as president of the company, but he also wanted to work on others things. He started a bank in Moline and joined a church. He was also the mayor of the city for two years and the director of the city library! John Deere died on May 17, 1886, at his home in Moline.

Scale models

Diecast John Deere scale models and replicas include: planters, grain drills, tractors, balers, wheel loaders, skid loaders, mowers, harvesters, farm vehicles, combiners, tank spreaders and much more.

More history and source: Wikipedia.

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Brian - February 20, 2019
Bonnie - December 26, 2017
I purchased a 1955 John Deere Chevy Pickup with accessories at an auction. its missing a right rear tailight and the back window. Im not sure if the accessories are correct? They include a JD pedal tractor, wooden looking toolbox w/lid and a JD hat a two extra door mirrors. Can you give any information? Part nr. 10-00036-001
I don't know Bonnie, but maybe another visitor knows more about this... I'll let you know!
Ed - August 3, 2013
I have found an Arcade John Deere Model A tractor at my uncles. It appears to be just like the one listed at ebay. What size is that tractor? Mine is 5" high x 7" long. There is a label on the floor in front of the driver. Mine has better green paint, but poorer yellow. Where these reproduced at some time? Courious about the tractor as it is going my uncle's estate auction in September. Thanks
It is really difficult to say, best is to search regularly on eBay to see if you can find the same one to see what it can fetch. Yes, remakes were made, not sure which exactly though, they made tons of tractors.
Cal - November 13, 2012
Looking for information on 1960's John Deere pedal riding toy tractor and wagon. Original price and resource to sell as a collectible item.
Rev - September 19, 2011
Where can I get a three and One Half inch back tire?
No idea, but if you look for : john deere tire on this website maybe some will show up. Or you can try this website: