Paris, France, 1899-1965. Known originally as the Société Industriel de Ferblanterie, the firm underwent a name change to J de P in 1928, its contemporary came about in 1932.

jep toysLithographed, tin, clockwork toy automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and other motor miniatures. JEP cars traditionally carried a trademark on the radiator of the particular vehicle replicated.

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Picture Title Date sold Price
F260 Seaplane 1934 Tinplate France Wind 06/2019 $1 581.76
All Original Dux Stuka Airplane Never 04/2019 $1 395.00
Marusan Cadillac 1953 No Nomura No Alps 06/2019 $793.00
Early Series Serie 60 A P 5 Super Nice 07/2019 $425.00
Limousine Tin Toy Car 30's France 04/2019 $449.90
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Alan - November 23, 2018

I wish to buy the moteur electrique de locomotive £31.01.
►reply: Hi, you have to put a bid on eBay for this I'm afraid.

Sheri - October 14, 2012

Hi I just found a bunch of jep track and a tunnel for a horby train would this this be something worth posting for sale?
►reply: Absolutely, there always collectors trying to get their hands on old train stuff. And besides if you don't want it every penny is worth the sale ;-)