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The very first teddy bear was created in 1903 in Brooklyn, New York, by Russian immigrant inventor Morris Michtom and his wife Rose. The inspiration for the now universally beloved plush toy was an incident depicted in a Wasnington Post cartoon, in which President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub during a hunt in Mississippi. Rose handcrafted soft, jointed versions of the cartoon cub and displayed them in the storefront window of the Michtoms' toy shop. The bears quickly became a huge hit in the neighborhood, prompting the Michtoms to establish the Ideal Toy & Novelty Company to meet the overwhelming demand for the new toy sensation.

Ideal earned the distinction of being the first American toy manufacturer to mass produce bears, which remained its main product until the 1930s. By then, comic-character toy's vere becoming very popular in the United States. The company obtained the rights to produce toy's of characters like Mickey Mouse, Popeye, and Dope)'. In addition, composition dolls and, later, plastic dolls were added to the product line.

There were no permanent labels placed on the bears during manufacture, so exact identification of the early bears can be difficult. But the bears were produced in a distinctive style that seasoned collectors have come to recognize. Dolls are usually marked on the back or under the hairline on the back of the neck.

Updated: 26 October 2020

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1939 wizard of oz ray bolger scarecrow 17 cloth doll 1939 Wizard Of Oz Ray Bolger Scarecrow 17 Cloth Doll 08/2021 $1 300.00
rare 1965 tammy family ward s exclusive 9 patti doll Rare 1965 Tammy Family Ward S Exclusive 9 Patti Doll 10/2021 $1 259.56
1950s ideal shirley temple play pal playpal doll all 1950s Ideal Shirley Temple Play Pal Playpal Doll All 09/2021 $799.00
wow 27 compostion shirley temple texas ranger doll Wow 27 Compostion Shirley Temple Texas Ranger Doll 10/2021 $895.00
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Comments (8)
Angela - October 15, 2014
Hello, I have a small standing composition doll and she has her back stamped/marked "Composition Novelty Complany Brooklyn New York Pat Pending". I can not find another doll with the same mark or information on the company.....????? HELP!!!!!
Huguette - June 10, 2014
Hello I have an Ideal Toy Corp doll stamped at the back of her head copyright 1964 BW9-4. Would you please give me a bit of information on her.thank you
Merandatutty - April 5, 2013
merandatutty i would love to have a bizzie lizzie doll for my mom who had one when she was a young girl and it was given away on her with out permission .She looked for one for years but we cannot seem to find is there any way u can help us bring bizzie lizzie back home to my mom it would make her soo happy and i love to c the look on my mom face if i can get this for her because she is a great mother and done so much for me and my brother she loved this doll growing up and we like to make her happy thank you dearly meranda tutty
I think the Bizzie Lizzie doll is made by Ideal, not by Mattel, so you can search this site with : Ideal Lizzie to see what comes up.
Scott - January 18, 2013
Hi my name is Scott I live in South Florida I am inquiring about a toy that I got in 1977 when I was a child I still have it. I believe his name was Zog, however I can't find any matches on the Internet. He was the counterpart to another figurel who had a light on his head. I can't remember his name, but I do remember that when the light shone on Zog who has a reflector on his head the arms would go up and he would move foreword as if to attack. The Zog figure is an orangeish color about 24 inches tall and as I stated before has a round reflector on his head that would activate him. On the bottom it stamped 1977 Ideal Co. Any feedback would be appreciated. I do have pictures of him if anyone is interestedThank you for your time, Scott.
Scott, you're right! His name was Zog, but with two 'gg's: Zogg the Terrible. I think he came with The Mighty Electroman.
Leon - March 30, 2012
I own a game made by Ideal back in 1978 called 'Marksman' which is an electronic shooting game including a projector for the targets and two plastic 'rifles'. I can find nothing about this game anywhere on the internet. Does anyone else own one, or know which game I'm referring to and have any idea of cost please?
Linda - November 2, 2010
I have a 10.5" doll made of vinyl and plastic dressed in a sailor dress with a Scottish Tam hat and high top brown plastic shoes over cream colored calf high socks. She has a pixie hairstyle and has brown eyes. On the base of her neck reads 1979 Universal Studios Ideal 330. Do you know what her significance is and what her name is? Her value would be appreciated. Her dress is faded but otherwise she is in good condition.
Margie - October 22, 2010
Have a male blonde doll (looks) almost like Ken stamped Ideal on the back 1976 Hollis New York Hong Kong hair is painted on blonde. Cannot find any info on this doll, need your help.
Brandy - September 15, 2010
i would like to know the worth of my 1940's ideal novelty for walt disney wooden string pinnochio puppet
search for: ideal novelty pinocchio on this website and you get an idea about value.