"Swinging Game for Swinging People!
Hip Flip is a party game for swinging people! Hi-fi or radio music sets the beat and your guests have "the best time ever" trying to swing the Hip Flip flipper round and round the wooden rod! The first couple to complete five rotations in any three of the four body positions indicated by the spinner is the winner."

How to play

After HIP FLIP has been assembled one player spins the spinner and reads the directions aloud as indicated by the two arrowheads to determine the body and hand positions for the first couple.

The first couple then adjusts HIP FLIP to the body positions as inidicated by the spinner. When they are ready they player in charge of the spinner calls out 'Go!' and the players rhythmically swing the flipper back and forth to start it in motion.

The object is to swing the flipper round and round the wood rod until five rotations have been completed in the position indicated by the spinner.

The device is then passed to the next couple and play continues in the same manner. The first couple to complete five rotations in any three positions is the winner (from the original manual).

hip flip game

Nintendo received the license to manufacture this toy from Parker Bros. in 1968 and released it for 980 yen at the time.

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