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The Heinrich Wimmer oHG Blechspielwarenfabrik (HWN) was a toy company based in Nuremberg in the 1920s and was primarly focused on the production of inexpensive toy trains. In 1920, dealer in 2nd hand goods Heinrich Wimmer founded his tin toy factory in Nuremberg in the Julienstra├če. In the same year he started producing clockwork driven vehicle and aircraft models. He previously traded in machine tools, iron hardware and other tools. In 1930 Wimmer relocated his company within Nuremberg. In 1933 he added model tanks and launchers to his production range.

After WW2, in addition to commercial vehicles and tinplate planes, the company manufactured clockwork and electric model trains in 0 and H0 gauges. In addition, extensive accessories were made both from sheet metal and later also from plastic. Mainly train stations, signal boxes, houses, bridges and signals were part of the production. The large department store chains such as Karstadt and Kaufhof were mostly responsible for sales and distribution. The former mail order companies like Quelle and Neckermann also published the inexpensive toys in their catalogs, especially around Christmas. This is how the Wimmer-Bahnen received the nickname "Kaufhausbahn".

Heinrich Wimmer left the company in 1969. The business was continued by his son, Ernst Wimmer, and was wound up or closed in 1976.

Updated: 4 September 2021

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Matt - August 24, 2021
What is up with HWN? I have a Hwn Continental Express Truck With Trailer. I can find no information on Heinrich Wimmer Toys.
I've added some info Matt!