It could be that Japanese toy manufacturer Hadsons and TKK are one and the same. If someone knows more about Hadson or TKK toys, please let me know.

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Hadson value and price guide

What's your 'Hadson' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Indian Moto 55 S Friction Driving Lady 08/2019 $189.99
Tin Friction 1950 S Packard Convertible 08/2019 $165.00
Mechanical Cycling Quacky Duck On 09/2019 $145.00
Pre War Japan Tin Diving Submarine C 08/2019 $93.00
Tkk Japan Gerry Anderson 1960 S New 09/2019 $111.14

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Comments (3)

James - November 21, 2015
trying to find out how rare my tin race car made in Japan by Hadson is called rocket
Not sure what you have, does it look like this one?

James - November 21, 2015
hi wondering how rare my tin car is looks 1960's model T or A looking' says Ford on front grill Standard on the sides back says Japan trade mark Y

Lucas - May 27, 2015
Had a question about a possible hasdon truck I have. Could I send a picture and have it identified?
Sure, send your picture to fabtintoys gmail dot com and I'll put it up here.