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Founded 1878, Germany by Christian Gotz and Sohn. Disposition unknown after 1960.

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little trees car air freshener 6 pack spice market Little Trees Car Air Freshener 6 Pack Spice Market 09/2021 $12.55
3pcs 7 pins adjustable tubular lock 1 transparent 3pcs 7 Pins Adjustable Tubular Lock 1 Transparent 09/2021 $45.71
multifunctional hand tools plug spinner tools quick Multifunctional Hand Tools Plug Spinner Tools Quick 09/2021 $17.90
goso key for combi volkswagen schuessel jubilar vespa Goso Key For Combi Volkswagen Schuessel Jubilar Vespa 09/2021 $11.73
goso women s 2 pieces sweatsuits set long sleeve Goso Women S 2 Pieces Sweatsuits Set Long Sleeve 09/2021 $29.67
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021$-.--

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Comments (3)
Elaine - April 14, 2020
HiI have a tin toy. It is a lady pushing a blue pram/stroller. The top of the light blue pram folds down and the young lady has a bright red bow on the top of her head. It has a key, and has GOSO marked on it and made in the US zone of Germany. Are you able to tell me anything about it.
I'm so sorry, I have no idea. But you can find more info about toys from this period here: Toys made in the US Zone of Germany. You could also join this Facebook group and post a picture of your toy there: Tin Toys And Vintage Toys.
Andrew - March 7, 2020
Particulrly interested in roller coasters and switchbacks
Also search on eBay Germany for: Goso Kurvenbahn. Maybe they ship internationally.
Pat - June 7, 2014
We have recently bought a yellow duck with a fiddle which when wound up plays and appears to moonwalk. We have been told its a GOSO toy but have no idea of age or value.