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East Hampton, Connecticut, 1866 - 1960s. Produced hardware bells and cast-metal bell pull and push toys.

Gong Bell, established in 1866 by H.H. Abbe, E.C. Barton, E.G. Cone & A. H. Conklin in East Hampton, Connecticut, was incorporated under the laws of the state of Connecticut in April, 1899. Gong Bell made valuable and important inventions in gongs, bells and toys. In 1872, Barton patented a toy called 'Revolving Chimes' - 'a pair of cast brass gongs, mounted between two malleable iron wheels.' This was the beginning of Gong Bell's toy making history. In the 1880's, the 'Chestnut Bell' became a popular craze all over the States... You attached the bell to your coat lapel to warn someone that his or her story was a repeat. The company also manufactured the first foot bell ever used on automobiles.

gong bell toys

In 1921, Gong Bell produced one of the most successful toys invented at the time: a toy telephone called 'Playphone 600', a toy telephone with bell and movable receiver hook. This was also the time Gong Bell started concentrating on wooden toys.

During World War II, Gong Bell also took on military contracts to make hardware for parachutes. Gong Bell received the Walt Disney contact to make Disney toys winning the contract from the N. N. Hill Brass Co. in the 1930s who had the Disney license at that time. There are several stories on why Gong Bell went out of business in the 1960s. One of the stories is that with the introduction of plastic toys and other companies being more prepared for this new toy making process, Gong Bell just couldn't compete...

How to id Gong Bell toys

One characteristic of Gong Bell wooden toys is their incorporation of some sort of metal bell into the toy either as shown in the Rabbit and Cart pull toy should with the rabbit holding a bell or the Galloping Cowboy chime wheels. The characters are most generally lithographed on the toy much like most Fisher Price toys.


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Comments (13)
Felicia - February 20, 2021
I have a little boy walking a duck, pull toy. Duck wings are supposed to flap when rolling. mechanism to roll the string through for the action is missing. Could you please send me some reference photos showing me how to restring and repair this great old toy. How were they strung originally, please? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
No idea, sorry...
Cheryl - September 2, 2020
I have a Pluto riding/rocking to. I can't find any others like it to see what it's worth.
I'm sorry, I have no idea.
Sandra - May 29, 2020
I have a phone cowboy on the front it’s called the ranch phone 39r2 can you help me
There are not many phones with cowboys on them. Have a look here: Gong Bell Cowboy, maybe you can find yours.
Dave - January 26, 2020
Hi John- Just found your site. I have quite a few Gong Bell toys, one in particular I never found anywhere, it's a very large toy called Fleet Foot Fido nr.835 from 1939. It's about 17 inches long and 15 inches tall. It's a dog with a cap on pulling a large cart. This toy does not incorporate any bells which has to be unusual just a clicking metal rod on the bottom that makes a noise when pulled. Have you ever heard of this toy? Is it in the book? I mean it has to be rare. Any info you can provide will be very much appreciated. Thank you, Dave Z
Hi Dave, I think I found your toy here: Gong Bell toys and it has the name 'Fleet Foot Fido'.
Dave - January 26, 2020
Hi John, Thank you for digging that picture up. My Fleet Foot Fido says '39 on it. I wish I could see the underneath of that toy since there is no bell system of which Gong Bell is famous for at least not on mine anyway. Maybe not every toy has a bell in it. Must be a rare toy. Thank you for the information. Best Regards, Dave Z
My pleasure Dave! At least you have some info. Maybe the webmaster of the webpage I mentioned knows more about your toy.
Kenneth - October 1, 2019
I have a Double bell toy telephone, and I would like to know what the circular cut out is on the back of the ear piece is for ???
Almost sounds like there's a part missing... Check this page out to see if you can find a phone identical to yours to see if they have the same 'issue': Gong Bell Toy Phone.
Drea - April 2, 2019
I have bought a Disney Mickey Mouse Bus Lines ride toy that was made by the Gong Bell company. Any info would be appreciated.
Difficult to find. I found some pictures on Google images and also found one sold for around 400 USD (in 2007).
Roger - January 17, 2019
I have just acquired a dog cart where the wagon has the nursery rhyme of Jack
Bud - May 31, 2017
Hi,I have been trying to restore a gong brothers horse pull toy. I would love a picture to see what I need. I am looking for the heart shaped wheels 2 1/2" in diameter. Also the bell which hangs underneith the horse. Have two horses and hope to restore at least one before my final gong rings.Thank you for any info or parts you may have. Bud
Hi Bud! Always difficult to find parts for old toys... Best to ask the experts. I suggest contacting Thomas antique toy parts and/or Randy's Toyshop. Good luck!
Kay - March 4, 2015
I have a cast iron Gong toy called the Acrobats. It has two men dancing .Each should have a bell, but only one has a bell. It is blue with red wheels. I am looking for a possible price on it
Pam - November 24, 2014
I have been trying to find my Bruin Band pull toy(by the Gong Bell mfg) on the net to find info about it and also what it maybe worth. I am hoping you may help me. The bears have some spots on them but teddy plays and the other teddy turns around when pulled. All original. Thank you, Pam
Marsha - October 15, 2014
I'm curious as to the value of an old metal shopping cart gong bell toy. It has bells in the red wheels and the sides have advertisement on it. It is at least 50 years old. Could you help me put an age and value and any other information on this item. Thank you, Marsha.
Hi Marsha, I found this 1940s Gong Bell Mfg., Grocery Shopping Cart, I hope it is the same!
Donna - October 24, 2010
I'm curious as to the value of a Gong Bell toy lawn mower. It is green and black. The patented # is 2781609. It has some rust on it and is in good-fair condition. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Donna Brackett