Canton, Ohio, 1884 to date, founded by Lewis E. Gibbs.

Gibbs originally manufactured plows but added toys in 1886. He made mechanical spinning tops, wagons and lithographed paper-on-wood, metal and advertising toys.

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James Book Of Architecture 1728 Rare 1st 08/2019 $2 375.00
Rare Willcox Type 200 Straw Braid 09/2019 $799.00
Willcox 504 E56 291 Serger 3 Thread 09/2019 $510.00
Pegasus W600 Coverstitch 5 Needle 09/2019 $1 100.00
Matt Kenseth Dollar General Joe 20 10/2019 $899.99

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David - November 1, 2010
I have a No. 29 Derby Rider Push Toy from Gibbs Mfg. Co. copyright 1911. the wheels and the man are missing but the horse is in close to mint condition. Can you give me a ball park on the value?
Unfortunately, I am not a Gibbs expert... You can try here: