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Geyperman was the name of a Spanish action figure manufactured by the company Geyper during the 1970s.

The Geyper Company picked up the licence to make a GI Joe / Action Man version in 1975. The first version of the body was based on the GI Joe Action Team type, and the torso being of the talker type, (though without the grill), as can be seen by the two screw fastenings on the back of the torso. The plastic is of a slightly browner shade than the AM version, and this kind of body was also produced in dark brown for a version of Tom Stone. This body type had a large embossed 'Geyper' logo on the small of the back, with 'Made in Spain'.

Geyperman logoGeyper, although a Hasbro licencee, used Palitoy's product line as the basis for their outfits. The figure itself was a combination of various Hasbro molds, using talker style torsos (screwed together, rather than a single mold), in some cases an Eagle-Eye head mold, but with fixed eyes. All had flocked hair. For high quality photo illustrations of the body types, refer to, where you will find a Geyperman section.

The later Geyper Man heads came in brown or blonde, and again both with and without beards. Geyper Man's eyes were always brown.

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Lonnie - April 17, 2020
Looking to buy a russian uniform
Difficult to find. Try this page: Geyperman outfits and also search in other countries by clicking on the little flags.