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The Garton Toy Company was founded by Eusebius Bassingdale Garton in 1879 in Sheboygan, WI.

Business was booming until a disastrous fire struck in 1890. Garton built a new and larger facility on Niagara Avenue, producing a wide variety of children's toys such as wagons, velocipedes, scooters, pedal cars, bikes, sleds, and croquet sets.

Then in 1929, disaster struck again when the Garton Toy Company burned to the ground, the largest fire in Sheboygan's history. 87 years old Garton moved his business into some vacant buildings formerly occupied by American Hide and Leather Company; in only three months Garton resumed full production . Garton died in 1931 leaving control of the firm with his son, C.E. Garton. The company continued to manufacture pedal cars through the 1930s, including the graceful Lincoln Zephyr model.

After the war, toy production resumed and Garton maintained branch offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Seattle. By the 1950s the Garton Kidillac and Hot Rod were popular pedal cars sold in many foreign countries.

Of all the toy pedal cars produced, they are best known for the creation of the "Kidillac" and the "Hot Rod." The company's production reached a broad market throughout the country through national catalog sales and distribution centers. If you are lucky enough to find an original Garton Toy pedal car today, you have found a piece of history.

During the 1960s, Garton Toy Company introduced several new toy products including the Casy Jones Locomotive, Air Force Jeeps, Tin Lizzies, Spin-A-Roos, a surrey, a camper and sedans to the toy market. To become more efficient and to modernize they decided to build a new plant and relocate four miles north of Sheboygan.

In 1973, due to decreasing profit margins, a declining market, and increased governmental and consumer protection regulations, the Garton Toy Company was sold to the Monitor Corporation.

Four generations of the Garton family would ultimately own and operate the business until 1973, when it felt it had to sell the company...

Since then, the main Garton toy factory in Sheboygan has traded hands several times. Gorman & Company, Inc., finally purchased the factory in 1999, renovating and converting the factory into the Garton Toy Factory Apartment Homes.

Sources: Pedal Car Restoration and Price Guide, by Andrew G. Gurka, 1996 and other pedal car books.

Updated: 24 April 2019

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Garton value and price guide

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Comments (21)
Karl - August 1, 2021
I have a 1937 garton woody station wagon looking for steering wheel and hubcaps also lower section of rear seat
Jody - June 16, 2021
Looking to sell this Tin Lizzie, is it from the 1960s? It's in great condition, can't believe it's that old.
Carl - February 27, 2021
I have since my childhood in the fifties a Garton Circle G Fire Chief pedal car. Is there any market for these pedal cars now. We may be downsizing and unfortunately need to sell or giveaway some items. It is in fair condition, Thank you,
Certainly is! On Facebook are a few dedicated pedal car groups, so you might want to try there as well.
Dave - October 12, 2020
I pick up this Garton tractor I was wondering what's the value
What a nice tractor! I saw a similar one on eBay US for USD 500. Have a look here: Garton tractors.
James - September 28, 2020
HI Thanks for the response. Yes I've seen the Commander in Chief Tricycle. The one I'm referring to is the Garton Commander 2 wheel bicycle, skip tooth chain ring, swan Puncture Proof 14 x 1.75 tires probably 1940's
I'm afraid I don't anything about this one. You could also search for: Garton bicycles to see if one pops up.
James - September 27, 2020
Anyone ever heard of a Garton Commander 2 wheel bicycle
I found some info on that one here: Garton Commander in Chief tricycle.
Kevin - May 10, 2020
My wife's 90-year-old father let her take her aged 1950s Garton tricyle home from the far. I am looking to replace two back tires (8x1.75), one front tire (12x1.75) and one back wheel with alternating spokes from side to side. Is there a specific place I can contact for these replacement parts?
Sorry for the late response. These are difficult to find. Maybe you can find one for parts on eBay, for example here: Garton Tricycles or Facebook (there are some groups and marketplaces which sell these things).
Bob - November 17, 2019
Trying to find parts and information for my kidillac. What’s a good resource?
You could check out this page and if you Google Garton Kidillac parts you'll find some online shops.
Barbara - February 24, 2019
Does anyone have a good source for Garton tricycle parts? Or, tricycle restoration in the Midwest, near or in Minnesota?
Mike - February 17, 2019
I am looking for hubcaps for an early Garton woody. They measure 2 3/4 across and have 3 lines stamped in them. There are 4 tabs that go into the artillery wheel.
Have you tried Garton hubcaps? Or search for 'garton parts' on Google.
Cindi - January 26, 2019
I am looking for gator speedster yellow for my husband just like he had when he was little yellow with a black seat . is it possible to find one.
Difficult to find a yellow one... you could always start by giving him a small model one, but they are mostly blue: Garton Speedster.
Tom - October 17, 2018
Im looking to find a few parts ie: seat ,grips, tire for my sonda pedal scooter, i was hoping someone might have some ideas where to look ! Thx
Always an adventure to find parts :-) Try the links I mentioned on this page: pedal cars.
Amy - October 7, 2018
I have a 1938 Garton Air Cruiser Pull Wagon. Can anyone help with the value of my wagon?
Jim - August 14, 2018
I have the original body from the late 1950's, but I am in need of all 4 wheels and a seat. I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you
There are a few part dealers on the web. Have tried for example this one: speedwaymotors.
Ed - July 24, 2018
I have some sort of bicycle/tricycle attachment never used and i still have the box for it, although its in real rough shape. I would like to send pictures and find out what it's worth is if any.
Amy - June 23, 2018
Hello! I have found a 1938 Garton Air Cruiser...can anyone provide me with information regarding this wagon. Thank you!!
Chuck - December 12, 2017
Think I have Garton pedal super honda have everything but rear sprocket and wheel, can't tell if two wheel rear, might be on under side in back bottom each side has two oblong holes.
Hi Chuck! I have little knowledge of Garton pedal cars, so for parts and id you could try here:
Arnold - February 25, 2016
I have an Garton Streamliner two wheel bicycle, all original, not restored. Trying to locate information as to worth, date manufactured, etc...I have photos.Thank you!
Hi Arnold! I found these two on eBay, might help a bit maybe: Garton Streamliner.
Kathryn - March 20, 2015
I have an old Garton chair driven,
Jerry - May 11, 2013
Looking for information regarding two possibly Garton sleds that were mine in the fifties. I am restoring them and would like to know what the original top design was.
Did you try to find them with Google's images?
Robin - June 7, 2011
Can you tell me who now owns the Garton Toy company and rights?