The Furby was created by Dave Hampton, a former Mattel programmer, for Tiger Electronics. Making their grand debut at the 1998 International Toy Fair, they soon made waves and became the most popular toy of the holiday season. Naturally, much price gouging and bodily injuries ensued in the quest to obtain one of these coveted items.

Furbys came in a variety of colors and designs guaranteed to satisfy any preference. For a child's toy, it was also incredibly advanced. Through a special computer chip, it could listen, communicate with other Furbys, differentiate between light and dark, go to sleep, wake up, and be fed.

Furbies were the first successful attempt to produce and sell a domestically-aimed robot. Designed to be interactive, childlike and a surrogate playtime buddy, the Furby has become one of the most infamous and controversial toys in recent history.

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Mike - April 21, 2018

there is a dude flooding the market with Kid Cuisine Furbys! Is there any proof that only 500 were made?!
►reply: Not sure, there are a lots of sites writing this! If we could only find some contact details from the JT Factory where they were made...

Mike - April 19, 2018

looking for Kid Cuisine Furby
►reply: Try this link: Kid Cuisine Furby.