...Since, nearly 65 years ago, FULGUREX was born, one could not necessarily imagine that this name would graduate from the status of pioneer of brass model building to the leader of today's modern brass model train manufacturing. For many decades we have been creating fine model trains in brass and steel in N to gauge 1.

FULGUREX works according to the existing international standards. High quality precision motors guarantee a smooth running. Equipped with digital decoders DCC (partly with sound) our handmade models are crafted in small limited series. Whether you have a showcase or a layout, our models are of everlasting value to the collector.

Each model is made with lots of love for the detail by trying to surpass the limits of quality. This obviously needs a lot of patience and we would like to conserve, in the present world of mass production, the identity of the excellence of workmanship...

Website: www.fulgurex.ch

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Fulgurex value and price guide

What's your Fulgurex worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
fulgurex hom rh b g e 2 4 narrow gauge locomotive Fulgurex Hom Rh B G E 2 4 Narrow Gauge Locomotive... 07/2021 $199.99
fulgurex 3 axle passenger car 2e class of plm Fulgurex 3 Axle Passenger Car 2e Class Of Plm... 07/2021 $141.71
fulgurex 3 axle passenger car 3e class of plm Fulgurex 3 Axle Passenger Car 3e Class Of Plm... 07/2021 $141.71
electric locomotive swiss bls ce 4 6 machine 1143 Electric Locomotive Swiss Bls Ce 4 6 Machine 1143... 07/2021 $797.11
fulgurex 3 axle passenger car 1e class of plm Fulgurex 3 Axle Passenger Car 1e Class Of Plm... 07/2021 $141.71
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices07/2021$-.--

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Comments (2)
Viggo - August 30, 2019
Hi! I came over two Gauge 1 D28s produced by J M Models for Fulgurex, and purchasede them for app. EUR 900,-.I can't find any much infornation about these waggons on the net. Do you by chance have som more info, (anything)?
Hi Viggo! Sorry, I can't find any info on this. Maybe another visitor can shine some light on these D 29. I did found this website with a list of 'D 28', but I'm not sure if that will help you: Reynaulds.com (open the page and CTRL-F 'D 28', with space).
Neal - October 10, 2017
PLM C145 Purchased in 1995 No 16/60 in mint condition for insurance or sale valuation.Thank you
I'm not an expert on these but a quick search revealed prices between 1800-3000 EURO. You could always ask them directly of course, you never know...