Though not always manufactured in France, the French doll has become a high comodity in toy history. Many of the early french dolls were made in Germany and given French character. The only French connections are the costume, the accessories, and the labeled box. Later the French dolls were custom made while the German dolls were mass-produced. More detail was given to marketing and wardrobe. French dolls were later made in New York.

WWI and French dolls

During the World War I when Germany once again began to manufacture dolls for the French export market. After the war the French took back their doll market. Their product was grandious. We can find closed mouth "French" dolls conceived in the 1920's that can attest to one made in the 1880's and almost can fool an expert.

German and French types

Commonly any high quality unmarked doll is instantly denoted French, and any poor quality doll is considered German, wrong. The French made many assembly line mediocre dolls. Though documented The Germans were the best modelers, with the dolls looking more life like real children. The French dolls of even finest quality were over decorated.

French doll makers

Jumeau Bru
Francois Gaultier

French Doll value and price guide

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Beautiful Rare First Bleuette Jumeau 06/2019 $4 800.00
Rare Joanny Doll Size 4 No Jumeau No Bru 05/2019 $4 990.00
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