Professor In 1964, Artur Fischer invented Fischertechnik and it was supposed to only be a Christmas gift for customers and business partners. The official fischertechnik premier was held on the Second German Television Program on Christmas in 1965. The first 1000 buildings set were donated by the inventor to the 'Project Problem-Child.'

In the following spring, fischertechnik was introduced to the retail toy market and thus the success story of a building set system began, which is still unique today. The success is shown by awards such as the 'Best Toy 1966,' 1970 the 'Oscar du Jouet' in France and the selection as 'Game of the Year 1976' in Holland.

The system is based on a basic building block, which can be built out or built on on all six sides, just as you wish with angle blocks, static parts, numerous electronic components or remote infrared control. Even the control of the models with a computer has been possible for 20 years. The fischertechnik assortment has 40 building sets and supplement sets.

The fischertechnik building sets have been used around the globe for a long time and not only in children's rooms. Today, more than 30,000 people are members of the fischertechnik fan club worldwide. Schools, universities and development offices also use fischertechnik for development and simulation. In this way, some engineer careers have started with one of these building sets: fischertechnik-building blocks for life.

1965 - 1990:
Grey Period
1973 - 1976:
1974 - 1977:
fischertechnik fischertechnik geometric fischer technik
1977 - 1983:
3 to 6
1979 - 1981:
1981 - 1986:
fischertechnik kinder fischertechnik bahn fischertechnik form
1982 - 1988:
Super models
1983 - 1986:
fischertechnik models fischertechnik rc fischertechnik computing
1989 -1997
1989 - 1998:
fischertechnik junior fischertechnik master fischertechnik offroad
seit 1991:
1997 - 2004
Intelligent Computing
1997 - 2004
fischertechnik profi fischertechnik computing fischertechnik universal
1999 - 2004
Mini Kits
2000 - 2004
Focus kits
fischertechnik trike fischertechnik focus fischertechnik robo


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