Fernand Martin made funny and sophisticated wind-up tin toys, some with multiple actions, and was copied many times by other toy manufacturers.

There are 4 distinctive periods of his work and of his successors: 1878-1894 (F. Martin), 1895-1912 (F. Martin), 1912-1919 (Georges Flersheim) and 1919-1937 (Victor Bonnet).

List of toys

Some of his sought after toys include:

Fernand Martin value and price guide

What's your 'Fernand Martin' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Le Petit Culbuteur The Acrobat Wind Up 08/2019 $565.00
The Drunkard Tin Wind Up Toy By Original 07/2019 $488.63
La Boule Mysterieuse Tin Litho Toy 08/2019 $498.00
L Autopatte Orange Cart Wind Up Tin Toy 08/2019 $431.25
Le Pochard Automaton Windup French Tin 09/2019 $404.49

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1 comment

Jennifer - April 22, 2019
I just inherited a Fernand Martin toy - it is a sweeper. So excited to find info on it. I had no idea it was so old.
Thanks for sharing Jennifer, enjoy your wonderful toy!