Fernand Martin made funny and sophisticated wind-up tin toys, some with multiple actions, and was copied many times by other toy manufacturers.

There are 4 distinctive periods of his work and of his successors: 1878-1894 (F. Martin), 1895-1912 (F. Martin), 1912-1919 (Georges Flersheim) and 1919-1937 (Victor Bonnet).

List of toys

Some of his sought after toys include:

Fernand Martin value and price guide

What's your 'Fernand Martin' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date sold Price
Le Petit Culbuteur Automaton W Original 05/2019 $2 226.18
Chauds Les Marrons Chestnut Vendor 05/2019 $1 634.65
La Blanchisseuse Laundry Washing Woman 04/2019 $1 634.65
Piano Player Automaton France Pianist 05/2019 $1 074.92
Empty Toy Box Paris N 197 Bis Le Pompier 06/2019 $580.00
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Jennifer - April 22, 2019

I just inherited a Fernand Martin toy - it is a sweeper. So excited to find info on it. I had no idea it was so old.
►reply: Thanks for sharing Jennifer, enjoy your wonderful toy!