Eldon Bowl-A-Matic

The 1962 Eldon Automatic Bowling Game Bowl A Matic 300 featured a bowling lane, a bowler and a pin setter. With a crank you can move the bowler into correct position and after releasing the bowlers arm the bowling ball will roll down the lane knocking over the pins. "A game of skill and fun for all ages", originally selling for $16.98.

This unique game received an Honorable Mention from Popular Mechanics' "Toys Of The Year" awards in November of 1962.

This vintage bowling game measures more than 4 feet in length with a base made from brown simulated-wood, or molded plastic, blue. The alley is made of a type of fiber wood and you have to use a crank to move the bowler into the correct position. Release the arm, strike!

Here are the Eldon Bowl-A-Matic schematics and patent info.

Updated: 28 September 2021

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Comments (7)
Mark - March 15, 2021
I have the same one pictured above still in the box and would like to sell it. Interested?
Rick - April 4, 2020
I would like to find an Eldon Bowl-a-matic. Thanks.
Michael - March 20, 2020
I take it its difficult to get replacement parts?
Unfortunately, indeed... Best is to try get hold of one for parts (also difficult).
Doug - December 21, 2019
I had this when I was in second grade. 1st Jr. bowler to post 3 700 series in 1971. Became N. Y. State Junior Champion 1971 and won the Eastern States Bowlers Association Tournament of Champions for $2,500While in 12th grade. became a Touring 1 Pro Bowler briefly in '76 - 77. My Mom never realized the impact this coolest of the cool machine toy would have om my life! This toy had a major influence on my early years. My teams and I have 19 total Eagles in the USBC Open Championships! Now I own the National Bowling Store, Doug Heim Bowling Products and home of the Reconditioned Bowling Ball web site. It all began with the brown molded version in 1962...never looked back. My lively hood is still having fun with bowling! Thank you Mom and thank you Eldon for hours and hours of "almost really bowling" at home.
What a great story Doug, thanks so much for sharing!
Dorothy - November 10, 2018
I am missing one of the pins to this game. Do you know anywhere that I could find one?
That's unfortunate, because they are hard to come by. I'm afraid you need to be patient and wait until one for parts show up on an auction site. Or maybe you can make one yourself from a piece of plastic...
Robert - April 20, 2018
Are they still producing new eldon bowl a matics?
Afraid not, though there is a virtual version now for tablets. Not really the same I guess...
Devin - June 13, 2015
Hi I have been looking for an Eldon bowl-a-matin fully functional for a in expensive price can anyone tell me where to find the except eBay please contact my email [admin will forward] thankyou
I'm afraid they are difficult to obtain, so ebay is the most likely place where to find one. Or put up a 'wanted' ad on Craigslist.