The Dreamsicles series and collectibles were made by Kristin Haynes and she started creating them in 1991.

As a student at the University of Utah, Haynes began creating playful characters that she sold at weekend craft shows. It seems she was born with a natural talent for crafting, as were other members of her family. One day, Haynes added a bright flower to one of her figures and the idea for the Dreamsicles was born.

At first, all figures were crafted by Haynes and the initial range of bunnies, cherubs and other collectibles were an immediate success. Demand was so high, she was unable to keep up.

DreamsiclesShe turned to Cast Art Industries, who were producing the various ranges of Dreamsicles. In 2003 Willitts Designs acquired the brand. On November 16, 2010, a federal judge in Washington sentenced Haynes to prison for two years and to pay more than $800,000 in penalties, fines and interest.

Value and price guide

If you have a vast collection of Dreamsicles and you want to know their values, take a look a these price and value guides on Amazon.

There is no dreamsicles official website anymore. If you are curious how it looked like until 2002, visit this archived webpage.

Updated: 15 Nov. 2017

Dreamsicles value

What's it worth? Take a look at this Dreamsicles price guide: sold listings for a value indication.

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Connie - September 7, 2014

are they still producing Dreamsicles where can we buy them.
►reply: I am afraid not. Best to buy them through this website, ebay or amazon.

C - January 9, 2011

I was in Ohio visiting by sister when I first saw Dreamsicles. I fell in love with them and still love everyone of my little angels. Thank you so much for your beatiful creations. Cathie