Doll & Co. was founded in Nüremburg, Germany in 1898 by John Sondheim and tinsmith Peter Doll. The company had a variety of both steam engines and steam toys, and were widely distributed throughout Europe, the UK and the United States. Doll made and sold model steam engines as well as other steam toys and accessories such as tractors, saw mills, fountains and a Ferris Wheel. The company were large exporters, sending most of their wares to England and the United States.

Max Bein, Sondheim's nephew, joined the company just before the outbreak of the WW1 as a third partner. After WW1, the manufacturing of model steam engines continued in the 1920s and 1930s together with that of trains, a steam car and a lorry.

Doll was bought up by Fleischmann around 1935 due to the Aryanization laws -the original founders were Jewish- and at first carried on under its old name (strangely enough, the Fleischmann family was also of Jewish origins, but managed to obtain an 'Aryan' certificate, whereas Doll did not).

Max Bein and his family managed to escape Germany and the horrors of the Holocaust, winding up in the United States, and settling in the Boston area. After the war, Fleischmann offered to return the company back to the original owners, but they declined, accepting a buyout of their shares instead.

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Fabulous Large Doll Cie Working May 2019 $ 4 266,06
Large Ca1930 Doll Vertical Steam Engine Mar 2019 $ 793,89
Beautiful Doll Nuremburg Running Steam Apr 2019 $ 699,99
Doll 365 2 Twin Cylinder Steam Engine Apr 2019 $ 649,46
Doll D C Locomobile Live Steam Engine May 2019 $ 560,00

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Jim - October 21, 2018

I have a doll model 352 steam engine that my brother and I shared in the early 1950's. He kept it after we left our parent's house. He died and when cleaning out his stuff I found it. It has been taken apart but all the parts are there. Who could I contact to see it's value? Thanks
►reply: Well, you could try this forum.

Woody - August 2, 2013

I recently purchased a burned out fire box steam engine, with good boiler and excellent cast base. The base is stemped Doll