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Diva Starz was a series of fashion dolls created by Mattel Inc. during the Christmas shopping season of 2000. They are similar in design to the MGA Entertainment Bratz dolls released in 2001, and the Flavas dolls released by Mattel in 2003. Four dolls were offered in the original debut: Alexa, Tia, Summer, and Nikki.

Alexa, the blonde hair, blue eyed doll, was known as an all-out fashionista, and identified herself as 'your personal expert on style. Tia, a black doll with dark brown hair, was known as a 'hip cool chick and a techno whiz.' She enjoyed creating music. Summer, a redhead doll, was known to 'love the outdoors so much, that she'd bring it inside.' Summer was a 'model citizen' who would help out at shelters. Nikki, a brown haired doll, was a sporty girl who'd enjoy skateboarding and many other sports.

Each doll is approximately nine inches tall, with plastic clothing and combable hair. The owner can change the doll's outfits by snapping on different pieces of clothing. By using small metal contacts in the clothing and on the body, the doll 'knows' which garment it is wearing, and will respond accordingly. Alexa, for example, replies with statements like 'You have a great sense of style. I love my pink evening gown. Do you think it makes my eyes look bluer?'

After the success of the debut model, Mattel released the Diva Starz Fashion Dolls. While generally identical to the original line, these dolls have clothing made of fabric, and were thinner and had more accurate proportions. Also, the dolls will speak recorded phrases when a button on their backs is pushed. This collection of dolls did not include the Summer doll, but instead introduced the Miranda doll.

The Miranda doll was like Alexa-- a blonde girl but instead of blue eyes, she has green eyes. She had pink streaks in her hair, and published a fashion magazine. On the website, her room gave several hints as to the fact that she was a fairly wealthy girl. According to the website, Tia, Alexa, and Nikki met Miranda at a rock concert while Summer was off on an Ocean Rescue Mission. They also met a black-haired girl that was 20 years old named Ashley, who didn't get to be produced as a doll.

Updated: 4 September 2021

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Dave - August 25, 2021
My grandmother just gave me a Tia doll completely sealed/ Never opened that was supposed to be my sister's present back in 2000. I am currently trying to sell this doll to someone who would have more use for it or wants to collect a piece of Mattel history.
You can try this page to see what it's worth: Diva Starz Tia. If other visitors are interested, I'll forward you their details.
Karen - February 19, 2020
Glad I found this resource.