Johann Distler, Nuremberg, Germany, 1895 - 1968. Produced lithographed tin penny toys, comic and erratic action transportation toys.

The company "Johann Distler KG" was established in Nürnberg in 1895. Johann started as a penny-toy manufacturer, specialized in lithographed tin toys but his range of products comprised 500 items. In 1917, Distler took on Brown & Mayer as partners. His partners took over when Distler died in 1923. Eventually, in 1935, they sold out to Ernst Volk.

Distler Porsche Electromatic 7500

After the Second World War Distler started to produce electric trains and, later, electric toy cars as well. Distler's electric model of the Porsche 356, produced since 1955, was beautifully designed. Distler's also made more simple models, but these were usually sold in department stores. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the 1960s, the company could no longer maintain it's position against the larger brands like the German Märklin, and Trix, and the British Dinky Toys.

The production in Germany was discontinued in 1962. The company was sold to a firm in Belgium (including machines and production rights), where Distler Toys S.A. in Nivelles continued to produce under the Distler brand name until 1968.

Did you know...

Distler not only made toys, but also electric shavers.

Updated: 6 August 2019

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Comments (9)
Angie - May 25, 2019
I have an old Distler bi-plane of my Dad's with JD-1719 on it - think its around 1930s. I have put it on Ebay starting at £199 - have I been optimistic?
Well, I certainly would consider shipping it worldwide, and now it's only local collection so chances are much lower that you'll sell it I'm afraid...
Jalle - March 9, 2017
Take a look at my Collection of tin toy Porsches.
Thanks, great collection you have!!
Ed - December 3, 2015
looking of replacement key, 1 rubber tire
Gary - September 29, 2013
I have owned a D-3150 BMW Distler Roadster for since the very early 1950's. It is Green with red wheels and seat.Somewhere along the way, the complete right rear wheel has been lost. Can you help me find a wheel to replace it? Otherwise it is in beautiful shape. I would deeply appreciate help. I have owned it since new.
Here I found a list with Distler parts.
Karin - July 18, 2013
Any ideas of where to find a small front wheel to a Distler car with a monkey that tips his hat?Thanks!
Doctorbozo - January 28, 2013
How does the rear bumper on the distler packard wind up work? Mine is in the down position and seems to be spring loaded. Does it interact with the spare?
I couldn't find any info regarding any function of the rear bumper on this car. Here is a video of the toy.
Cheryl - September 13, 2012
I have a mint green distler porsche - bottom is marked Distler Electromatic 7500, German and Foreign Patents Applied for, Trademark, Made in Western Germany.It is in poor condition. Does anyone know the year made or value?
Use the link in the text to find out the value of your Distler 7500.
Arnold - March 27, 2012
If it is a Prameta, between 1946 and 1958.
Wendy - November 9, 2010
I have a old toy in the box and not used, called Distler-Pistol, made by Distler Toy, made in Belgium and the handle takes two batteries. Not having any luck finding out the value.