The origins of what later became DIE CASTING MACHINE TOOLS LTD., (otherwise known as D.C.M.T.) began in 1939. Its premises were a large lock-up garage situated immediately beneath the petrol filling station forecourt of 'The Bridge Garage' in Green Lanes, N.13., north of the A406 North Circular Road. It is also understood that, in 1941-42, the Company temporarily used other or additional premises at Pembroke Road, Muswell Hill, London, N.10., for the production of zinc-alloy ('Mazak') die castings which, among other things, included parts for hand grenades.

The founder, the late Aubrey Robert "Bob" Mills, apparently working alone in a lock-up garage, probably the same as that mentioned above, designed and built his first die casting machine which, it is believed, he sold for a profit of £100. With a partner, the late Sidney James Ambridge, 'Bob' Mills began to build more machines and registered the firm's name Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd. The original offices of the fledgling company were situated above a small parade of shops next to 'The Bridge Garage'.

By 1947-48, DCMT acquired more than half of the floor area of the 'River Works', as pictured above. This was situated on the south bank of the New River, about 100 metres north of the original lock-up garage. The latter premises were retained by DCMT for the production of plastic / vinyl mouldings in later years. In their search for a brand name for DCMT's metal toys that would be more appealing to a juvenile market, rather than the name "DCMT" itself, the founders decided for some obscure reason to use the name "Slikka Playthings" or sometimes "Slikka Toys".

The remainder of the floor area of the 'River Works' was soon acquired as production of DCMT's toys steadily increased and, by 1949, there began a keen demand for Western Cowboy products of all kinds, especially authentic looking die-cast metal pistols and rifles. And so it was, that the 'Wild West' craze in the U.K. began, probably as a consequence of the screening of the film "Shane", starring Alan Ladd and Jack Palance, and the many Western films and TV series that followed it. The brand name "Slikka Playthings" was nondescript and seemed inappropriate for DCMT's wide variety of Western-themed products and so the name Lone Star with its connotations of Texas and the 'Wild West' generally, was chosen to supersede it.

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Matthew - December 31, 2018
I found a metal black hawk figure in my back yard and I was wondering what is it’s value.
Ah, the things you find in your back yard :-) I can't find any black hawk figures by DCMT so maybe it's made by another manufacturer, maybe DAM toys?
Mario - April 4, 2018
Dcmt ltd mixer
Value is 15-25 USD.
Helen - October 9, 2016
DCMT Starsky