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The world is a cube and its inhabitants are stick people. And these stickmen are sticking together in some very fun ways. A single Cube World toy contains a character and something for that character to play with. Turn the purple cube on to see Cube World Slim appear with his stick, which he will spin around, stick in the ground, or twirl like a baton. Turn on the orange cube to see Cube World Scoop and his dog come out to play. Scoop can tell his dog to sit, roll over, shake hands, and more.

Radica Games Ltd. is a company that makes electronic (handheld) games and was founded in 1983. In 2006 however, Mattel, Inc. announced the completion of their acquisition of the Radica company. Radica began by producing electronic souvenir games for casinos but in the late 1990s it became famous for its 'Bass Fishin' line of games. While Radica still produces many electronic handheld games based on casino or card games, it has also branched out into other types of toys, board games, & video game accessories.

Cube World interaction

If you prefer being in the game rather than watching from the sidelines, you can choose to interact with each of these characters via built-in motion sensors. For instance, if you tumble Slim's cube over and over, stickman will roll to each down-facing side with every turn-and may eventually get really angry with you. If you pick Scoop's cube up and shake it, he will fall and flail about. There's also a good chance he will get physically sick from all the motion.

Connect them

But things get truly interesting when you connect the two cubes together using the magnetic contacts that are on four sides of each cube. The cubes can be placed side by side, or stacked one on top of the other for interactive enjoyment. While both Slim and Scoop have unique animations, once joined together, they will play with, pester, and even protect each other. For instance, Scoop's dog will now fetch and return Slim's stick. Or Slim will walk over to Scoop's cube to pet his dog.

Music and games

Other modes of play include music and games. When you turn the sound on, the figures will start dancing. When you start the game mode, you will interact with the stick character and see real-time results. The cube even tracks your high score. After four minutes of no interaction from you, Slim and Scoop will go into sleep mode, complete with animated snoring after they lay down. After another minute of no movement, the cube will shut off to help conserve battery power. When you're ready to play again, simply press the "on" button for Slim and Scoop to appear.

Up to 16 cubes

If you have multiple Cube World sets, you can connect up to 16 cubes in any vertical and/or horizontal configuration to see them all interact together (even if there are more than one of the same character). Since each cube can hold up to four stick figures, this makes for hours of unpredictable and thoroughly entertaining fun. Each cube runs on one CR2032 battery, which is included.

Cube World manual

Looking for the instructions? Download the manual (pdf).

Updated: 21 October 2020

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