Founded by Charles M. Crandall, Covington, Pennsylvania. Produced toys from 1867 - 1905.

Crandall toys made inter-locking tongue and groove lithograph paper-on-wood joints that children used to create multiple figure forms like acrobats, circus characters and buildings. Some of the more popular sets were:

- 'District School House'
- 'Acrobats'
- 'Treasure Box'

Charles' son Jesse Crandall started his own toy company soon after the Civil War, relocating in Brooklyn.

He was issued a number of patents for rocking toys, alphabet blocks and construction toys. Charles relocated to Montrose, Pennsylvania in 1875, to Waverly, New York in 1888.

Charles crandall block

Crandall value and price guide

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Picture Title Date sold Price
Wooden Pull Toy Charles M S Lively 06/2019 $470.00
Toy 's John Gilpin Ride Building Blocks 04/2019 $232.75
Blocks Litho Paper Wood Compliments Of 05/2019 $18.76
J A Litho Paper On Wood Mammoth Story 06/2019 $365.00

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