Founded 1944, Camden, New Jersey / USA by Walter Reach. Walter started out producing die-cut cardboard toys and turned to tin after the war.

In 1947 its sales exceeded 1.5 million dollars, had 600 workers and had moved production to Philadelphia. Production ceased in 1954.

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Shelly - December 13, 2012

I have reciently purchased a tin childs mower and has a name "PowerMower by Courtland". I cannot find any information on this. Could you help me.Thanks

Gary - September 14, 2012

i just purchased a fire dept. garage with a fire chief car. i believe this to be near mint condition. show little or no signs of being used. i do not have the box. the car is spring loaded in the garage and you can press a button and it comes shooting out of the garage. i don't collect or no anything about old toys. i would like to know the age and value. i found it at a garage sail and couldn't pass it up.thanks for your help
►reply: Here is some info on your Courtland Fire Dept. toy

Joe - February 19, 2012

Walt Reach Courtland Mfg. Co. Gasoline Motor Oil Truck Value?

Darlene - September 17, 2011

I just bought an old toy garage . It is tin and says on the garage door > ( automatic door ) . I am wondering what this would be worth now . I think it is adorable . Did it come with any automobiles or anything else ? Thank you , Darlene