British firm Cowan de Groot produced toys under their better-known trademark 'Codeg'.

Codeg Productions of Chart St, Clerkenwell, London, England were amongst the first Dr. Who toys licensees in 1965 and are famous for their Dalek robot toys.

To read: it could pay to check the attic for a dusty Dalek

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Comments (12)
Liz - January 29, 2020
I have a Codeg toy orchestra but I can’t find out anything about it, I think I was given it in about 1967.
I searched high and low, and I can't find a Codeg toy orchestra either... Must be quite rare!
Terry - August 15, 2019
Great News! Have been fortunate to locate a mint green Codeg bakelite car and box recently (34cm) the bucket list! Still interested in locating a RED CODEG CAR in any condition...great streamlined design and evocative of the era. Regards Terry Melbourne, Australia
That's great news indeed! Fantastic models. Hope you'll locate the red one as well Terry.
Terry - August 5, 2019
I'm interested in acquiring the larger CODEG BAKELITE STREAMLINED CARS in whatever color is available. Red or Green would be marvellous, however I understand they don't come up often. We live in Australia so very little in our local market. With or without wind up motor..Cars approximately 34cm in length. ThankyouTerry
Hi there, beautiful cars indeed, just had look on Google Images. Difficult to find. You could go to this page: Codeg bakelite and subscribe to the newsletter (don't forget to confirm). Maybe one day one will pop up...
John - May 7, 2019
Old ukulele with a ref. Inside of DOZ. 1/2
Sorry, I've never heard of a Codeg ukulele before so I can't help you
Daniel - June 1, 2015
I have recently been given the super compendium of games by A CODEG production from a family member but when i have looked online to find out more about this product i can't find anything about this product and was wondering if you would be able to give me some more information on this product thank you
I am afraid I only found this page: super compendium games.
Sue - August 4, 2014
Recently purchased a RED dodeg vintage childs metal till , would like a little history on this if possible. Played with one in my childhood. Is there a significance in the colour - our old one was blue and the new one is red. Thanks
I don't know much about Codeg's cash registers. I think that they made both blue and red in the same period, just to have some variety :-)
Sandra - May 19, 2014
HI i have a OVER THE TOP wind up toy from CODEG
Colin - March 6, 2014
Hi I have a Codeg Degroot clockwork dalek from the 1960's with original box minus top flap.I have no idea what price I should sell this for.
Difficult to say, they made many Daleks. Do you have this one?
Anonymous - October 5, 2013
Hi, I have just been given 2 Codeg toy sewing machines, both a bluey grey colour. I can't find any info on them at all. One has the name written on in red, the other it is transferred in yellow and red. Their condition isn't brilliant and they aren't boxed. Any ideas? Thanks, Cathy
Try Google images maybe you'll come across yours.
Phil - July 8, 2013
hello, just acquired a codeg electric hydroplane, but I have no plans or instructions for use or repair. Can I download or otherwise find the information? Any ideas please? Regards, phil
I am sorry but I cannot find any info on this toy. If you can find more info on the toy like numbers or text, let me know.
Neil - November 12, 2012
Hi, I own a Codeg major motorway battery operated does any one know what year these were produced and what they are worth???? Regards Neil
Here is one sold for 20 GBP and here together with another motorway for 144 GBP.
Jeanne - October 27, 2012
I have an unused codeg, do it yourself wall clock. Has anyone any idea of value
One was sold on eBay (boxed) for around 12 USD. An unused one I am not sure...