CMC model cars

CMC die cast models are replications of original cars and their quality work has resulted in many award-winning miniature models. Since the CMC model car factory started in China, 1998, its engineers and employees have integrated German precision and Chinese craftsmanship into a harmonious synthesis.

The average CMC miniature model car, in scales of 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, or 1:43, are hand-assembled from hundreds of parts but with more recent items, this number has increased to over one thousand parts, and in the case of the Mercedes SSKL (M-055) model, totals 1,888 parts!

cmc model carsMany parts CMC uses are made of stainless steel or copper, and the bodyies are covered in a world-class paint. Seats are upholstered with real leather or textile, and the trunk is carpeted if the original is so decked out.

There is so much recognition of CMC model cars that CMC receives awards and commendations every year. The expectations from fans and customers motivate the engineers & employees to excel in what they are doing and to invest a lot of energy in the development of new models.

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Cmc value and price guide

What's your Cmc worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
mercedes benz mclaren slr silver cmc c 006 e silver 1 Mercedes Benz Mclaren Slr Silver Cmc C 006 E Silver 1 09/2021 $6 999.00
cmc c008 auto union type c 18 rosemeyer race eiffel Cmc C008 Auto Union Type C 18 Rosemeyer Race Eiffel 10/2021 $5 722.19
ferrari racing transporter fiat 642 rn2 bartoletti 1957 Ferrari Racing Transporter Fiat 642 Rn2 Bartoletti 1957 10/2021 $4 566.36
cmc 1 18 ferrari 312p berlinetta 1969 ferrari car Cmc 1 18 Ferrari 312p Berlinetta 1969 Ferrari Car 08/2021 $3 659.77
cmc 1 18 maserati renntransporter bartoletti mint boxed Cmc 1 18 Maserati Renntransporter Bartoletti Mint Boxed 10/2021 $2 156.60
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices11/2021$-.--

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Comments (4)
Mike - November 22, 2020
Thank you for the swift response John.
There is no single driver to sell these. I don't really need the money now. The issue may be that nobody in the family would appreciate what they are and how to care for them. When I eventually pass on I'd hate for them to be sent to a junk sale, I've collected these items for over 30 years.
Question is, how does one assess market value? I have kept track of ebay and the like and if I adopt a relatively conservative view I could easily get to many tens of thousands. So how would you prepare that for sale or identify if there is anyone prepared to pay a large sum for an established collection. I did ask a reputable auction house but was hugely disappointed by their response. £20 on average for each item, many of them offered on ebay for £3000-£5000, I guess they didn't appreciate what they were.
Kind Regards, Mike
Mike - November 17, 2020
Hello, I am looking for some advice, I hope you can help.
I have built up a collection of, mostly 1:18, model cars. The majority are Exoto, CMC and the like. I have over 200 all boxed and mint, never been displayed. Now I am retired I feel I would like to sell the collection as a whole. I'm UK based and am aware that individual rare items are selling for large sums. What options do you think I should consider? Thanks, Mike
It depends how much time you want to spend selling them. Sell them as a lot under market value and you would get rid of them fairly quickly. Going through them piece by piece to determine value and sell them separately really takes a lot of time. So it's up to you :-) Do you need the money, or do you want to just get rid of them? Platforms to sell: ebay and Facebook's marketplaces. Good luck!
Tavros - March 2, 2013
Hi my friendDo you have this model: CMC M-006 T-car ?Thank you
No, but if you search here for CMC M 006 you might find one.
Ricardo - February 20, 2013
Hello my name is Ricardo and I live in Mexico. I am already a CMC collector looking for a store or CMC distributor in Tucson or Phoenix Arizona USA. would appreciate any information.