CKO toys

Founded by Georg Kellermann in 1910, Nuremberg, Germany. Kellerman manufactures clockwork tin motorcycles and other penny toys under the trademark: C.K.O.

Son Willy took over the firm following the death of his father in 1931. From 1954 to 1979, CKO made a series of 1/35th-scale toys called the "Rollo Series", which are popular with today's collectors.

It ceased in 1979 but a Chinese manufacturer in the 1990's has reissued some of its toy vehicles.


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Cko value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Price
scarce 1920 s kellermann cko 281 tin mechanical Scarce 1920 S Kellermann Cko 281 Tin Mechanical... 02/2021 $700.00
kellermann cko 418 porsche coupe electric Kellermann Cko 418 Porsche Coupe Electric... 01/2021 $550.00
cko georg kellerman tin litho motorcycle rider Cko Georg Kellerman Tin Litho Motorcycle Rider... 01/2021 $318.00
rare fixed motor version cko kellermann 336 Rare Fixed Motor Version Cko Kellermann 336... 01/2021 $338.42
rare fixed motor version cko kellermann 336 Rare Fixed Motor Version Cko Kellermann 336... 01/2021 $338.42
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices05/2021$-.--

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Comments (3)
Steve - July 15, 2014
I have new in the box the cko k351 battleship with key as shown on the web for images cko tin battleship..can anyone tell me when it was made and value? thanks guys!
Can only find this CKO K351 with an estimated value of 400 USD. One for parts on eBay went for 70 USD and one with a missing bridge and without box for about 100 USD. They were made from 1938-1954.
Randy - January 25, 2014
Hello, I have a wonderful old CKO wind up tin toy and am looking for info. It is a green frog standing on hind legs trying to catch a fly with this "hands". Can send photos. Any information will be appreciated.
Can't find much on this 1930s toy you have Randy. It appears to be mentioned in this book though, which I unfortunately don't have.
Ian - June 4, 2011
Hello.Any idea when the lapel badge of a fat man lifting his hat, model No 234 was manufactured please ? Ian.